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1 Tweaking and adjusting turbines so that their blades can harness the strongest air currents rather than be harmed by them is a normal part of turbine management.
2 Imagine standing in a dome and watching the Sun go nova - from the inside, as if you were in the center of the star watching the plasma currents swirl, contract, expand, and ultimately explode.
3 Deep Green" and steering the tethered "kite" enables the turbine to capture energy from the tidal currents at ten times the speed of the actual stream velocity, say Minesto.
4 engineering principle is no different — the steady currents found in coastal of water like Canada's Bay of Fundy turn the rotors of an underwater turbine.
5 A nontoxic dye highlights water currents surrounding sea urchins off Vancouver Island, British Columbia. These small, spiny echinoderms are found in oceans all over the world.
6 Splays are commonly formed by currents from crevasses in levees.
7 And mooring cables would thrum in the currents, like a guitar string.
8 Luckily, these currents are fairly narrow, so you just have to swim along the shore, in either direction.
9 When the bundles were mechanically stimulated with a slender piece of glass, the cells generated electrical currents that resemble those produced by young hair cells.
10 His invention works much like a typical linear generator, in which a magnet is moved up and down inside coils of wire, inducing electrical currents in the process.
11 The tests lofted radioactive atoms high into the atmosphere, where air currents caught the atoms and then dispersed them around the planet.
12 With the model in hand, Thomas and his team could predict the shapes of the air currents around the flying locusts.
13 But deeper waves also move through ocean waters, visible only from their influence on ocean currents.
14 Using a probe, researchers stimulated the bundles and recorded the currents that were evoked.
15 They have been attracted by the geography that channels Atlantic currents into the narrow strait off Caithness, producing strong tidal flows and big waves.
16 strait’s status in turn affected ocean currents, which affected the rate of ice sheet melting during the last glacial period.
17 My songs are one with my love, like the murmur of a stream, that sings with all its waves and currents.
18 These currents create heat around the electrode, which when directed into the tumor, heats and destroys the cancer cells.
19 They take their luck with currents, and create tiny eddies to guide food toward their tendrils.
20 of wind contains small eddies and currents that vary in speed and direction with differentfrequencies.
21 Radiofrequency ablation works by passing electrical currents in the range of radiofrequency waves between the needle electrode and the grounding pads placed on the patient's skin.
22 In the new study, researchers used a microwave pulse to attempt to entangle the electrical currents of the two superconductors.
23 Many readily acknowledge that the Arctic is an extraordinarily complicated system in which ice conditions are determined by winds, currents and both air and sea temperature.
24 Differences in brightness in coastal area waters may be due to other factors, including freshwater runoff, strong currents, and water depth and clarity.
25 The radiofrequency generator produces electrical currents in the range of radiofrequency waves.
26 Because moving charges make currents, and changing magnetic fluxes breed voltages, the new device would generate a voltage from a current rather like a resistor, but in a complex, dynamic way.
27 Here we are, toying with avalanches, backcountry skiing, surfing in rip currents, and then my father is killed because a guy takes off and flies right into a storm. I don't know what to make of it.
28 Their trick was to shorten the lengths of the pulses of current to about a nanosecond. Rapidly changing currents exert a greater force on domain walls than do slowly changing ones.
29 His favoured metaphors, appropriately for the chilly day, referred to "icy currents", "this winter of our hardship" and of the need to take "unpleasant decisions".
30 By linking the electrical currents of two superconductors large enough to be seen with the naked eye, researchers have extended the domain of observable quantum effects.