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No. sentence
1 So what have we learned, and what do those lessons tell us about the current likelihood of a crisis turning into a market-shaking bear?
2 That fits with the current understanding of what dreams are and why we have them.
3 When the device is switched on the nanotubes carry an electric current with a power of about 300 microwatts.
4 IBCS is part of the Army's modernization effort; it will integrate current and future air and missile defense systems into a common battle command system.
5 IBCS will integrate current and future air and missile defense systems to allow warfighters to use any sensor and any weapon to achieve mission objectives in a true open architecture environment.
6 This will launch another debugger session rather than continuing the current one.
7 While you still do this to maintain a simple reference of the current filters, these settings are only actually used at application launch.
8 Letting their tax cuts expire might reduce those bequests, but it will not reduce their current consumption significantly.
9 Before deciding on an option, you should be aware of some of the prerequisites and current limitations.
10 In this article, I describe how the transformation works and the current limitations.
11 One cause of the current food crisis is drought.
12 Like all outdoor-minded people, we inhabit the current season, whichever it is, with passion, though we also take great pleasure in anticipating the next one as well.
13 emphasis of current economic work is on getting the market in gear.
14 We cannot live with their current practices, but nor can we live without them; their function - assessing the risk of securities - is indispensable.
15 I listen to current discussions of the federal budget, the message I hear sounds like this: We're in crisis!
16 Under current law, the manager will only pay roughly 25% of that as taxes between federal, state, and local taxes.
17 Finally, we make the starting offset for the next loop the ending offset of the current one.
18 That way, if you lose access to a provider for whatever technical or business reasons, you have the most current record of their work.
19 We can then translate this information into estimates of the current diabetes and cardiovascular disease that can be attributed to the rise in consumption of these drinks.
20 That said, we do not expect prices to continue to rise much, if at all, beyond their current levels.
21 If it is, the current element must have multiple definitions for the same term, and so the processor puts 3 points of vertical space after the current definition.
22 Now we can see that we have changed the current working directory to /usr/X11R6/bin and that it is full of files.
23 Whatever happens to Qimonda and its Taiwanese rivals, the current crisis is sure to speed up two seemingly contradictory long-term trends in the industry.
24 Under the current system, voters directly elect candidates in 47 prefectures, and other candidates are selected through proportional representation.
25 They would tell you all sorts of things, which were mysterious to me and not well described in the current literature.
26 About two dozen fish biologists wearing orange and yellow safety vests waded carefully through a marsh, intended to deliver an electric current to the water and drew in fish to be netted.
27 Of course, it is also worth checking that the resource is one you recognize (like one of your recipient addresses), that the stamp was not spent before, and that the date is current.
28 Since then people have ridiculed the prediction by pointing to current conflicts both within societies and between them.
29 This would better enable us to tackle the current crisis and promote economic recovery and growth.
30 Not surprisingly, the while loop also requires a set of mutable local variables, in this case named a and b, in which to store the current pivots.