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No. sentence
1 You can change your sterling into the local currency at the airport.
2 The news has already acquired currency.
3 Despite Mr Guan's concerns, which are often voiced in Beijing, analysts said that China had little choice but to recycle its vast foreign currency reserves into dollar-denominated assets.
4 be sure, the Japanese currency could also lose steam, undermining the strong-yen experiment.
5 If the yen is the most mispriced currency on the planet, why are Japan's trade partners not complaining loudly, as they do about the yuan?
6 Currency notes bear serial Numbers.
7 That is why the charge of currency manipulation is false.
8 gap between these countries' borrowing costs and Germany's became wider than at any time since the birth of the single currency.
9 Clearly this currency structure of assets and liabilities makes its net international investment position very vulnerable to any devaluation of the dollar against the renminbi.
10 Chinese astronauts walk on the moon, the world has splintered into currency blocs after an international exchange rate shock, and even robots have the vote.
11 euro tumbled to a 10-month low against the dollar yesterday after a credit downgrade for Portugal and uncertainty over an aid package for Greece undermined the currency.
12 Global diversification thus provides an automatic buffer against a dollar drop, unless the fund managers have hedged the holdings back into U.S. currency.
13 Eventually such an arrangement must surely break down and a new currency system will come into being, just as Bretton Woods emerged in the 1940s.
14 in China in particular, given the undervaluation of the renminbi, the last thing policymakers want is Banks whose asset bases would fall as the currency appreciated.
15 real focus of Yokohama Summit was an extension of the hot spots, i.e., currency liquidity and trade balance, on G20 Seoul Summit.
16 While the dollar's status as the major reserve currency will not vanish overnight, we can no longer take it for granted.
17 But over that period its currency has swung up and down against those of its trading partners and competitors.
18 The government sharply raised interest rates this year but it failed to bolster the currency.
19 The currency also remains helpful in taking the steam out of the swollen trade surplus, which has been a political problem in relations with big trading partners.
20 When something goes wrong in the financial markets—a currency crisis, a housing collapse or a sovereign default—they are quick to be blamed, their shadowy character making them ideal scapegoats.
21 Jittery citizens mobbed Tehran's currency dealers, desperate to buy dollars before another fall.
22 It does not use the euro and so could, if pressed, lift exports by devaluing its own currency, the forint.
23 Since the dollar is still the global reserve currency, Fed decisions affect investors all round the world.
24 For sale: the world's smallest country with its own flag, stamps, currency and passports.
25 Even critics of the euro would concede that it has had considerable success, establishing itself in less than a decade as a genuine rival to the dollar as a world currency.
26 That paved the way for a crazy bubble, followed by a bust, and more currency instability in subsequent years.
27 Iceland's international business people, buoyed by the arguments of academics such as Mr Buiter, believe that the crisis has exposed the dangers of relying on a small, fragile currency.
28 one thing all save one of the leaders will agree: China's insistence on pegging its currency to the dollar is causing serious imbalances in world trade.
29 First, we implement a stabilization plan to stop the rot," he says, counting off on his fingers, "pegging the currency to something of real value is top priority.
30 pegging to the dollar, a currency was automatically fixed to everything else.