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currencies in a sentence

1. that currencies can collapse;

2. [[Category:Currencies of the Commonwealth.

3. Reserve currencies have come and gone.

4. Over time this grew to sixteen currencies.

5. The gold standard was used to back currencies;

6. Increased entry of international currencies.

7. both currencies are accepted in Bhutan.

8. Decimal currencies also have disadvantages.

9. ( See Currencies of the British West Indies ).

10. There were two distinct currencies.

11. This is a list of historical currencies.

12. Each of the colonies had their own currencies.

13. Co. where he traded currencies.

14. adopting local currencies;

15. several currencies have coins of this value.

16. Currencies: Angolar (pl: angolares;

17. A gold standard for currencies is gone.

18. The game had two currencies: Aurum;

19. Today it clears swaps in 17 currencies;

20. other currencies are not accepted.

21. As a result, the Asian currencies collapsed.

22. Real may refer to: Various currencies;

23. Bubble Safari uses two virtual currencies.

24. The game uses multiple currencies.

25. Cuba and Panama both use two currencies.

26. Currencies are traded in pairs.

27. This is a list of proposed currencies.

28. Video games often have digital currencies.

29. There should be other reserve currencies .

30. Other currencies are dearer still.