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No. sentence
1 For example, if your culture highlights bonuses, people might not want to come to trainings or get-togethers if they think that money spent on these events will reduce their bonuses.
2 He highlights the positive developments for their culture.
3 old culture doesnt equal to the new one. so inheritance must agree with qualifications.
4 knowing more about subjects that we'd have to deal with if elected, al understood Congress and the Washington culture far better than I did.
5 These Paleo-Indians, of the Clovis culture, used the significant amounts of obsidian found in the park to make such cutting tools and weapons.
6 FOR many tourists, a city break would be incomplete without visiting a museum or gallery to take in some culture.
7 Both men say Japanese society too often turns a cold shoulder to the unemployed and bankrupt, and breeds a culture where suicide is still seen as an honorable option.
8 It is the center of Miao culture, hosting more than 120 festivals every year.
9 Folk music is one of the most cherished areas of Slavic Macedonian culture, and several folk festivals take place each year.
10 are extremely rich historical culture resources in Honghe area.
11 of One remained a nurturing, matriarchal spiritual culture, while the Aryan grew into a powerful military corporate society, dominated by the upper class.
12 That charge failed to sway voters. But some economists question how much the new government can change the political culture that has dominated Portugal for the past 30 years.
13 After the war, the link with the Jomon culture was emphasized.
14 Through the medium of the Syrians Greek culture penetrated Persia.
15 invasion of the Romans in Greece, instead of influencing the Greeks, they adapted the culture.
16 We also publish essays, interviews and other articles on the arts, culture and society.
17 We share a desire to have our community thrive, improve the arts and culture, find ways to bring in more jobs," Moore said in an interview.
18 You also respond to an E-mail from your boss, the director of the arts and culture program, confirming that you are available for lunch.
19 London certainly has the bars and drinking culture but it is also a city that has influenced other cities and continues to punch above its weight in the arts.
20 For hundreds of years the French have ridiculed our food, scoffed at our culture and mocked our stiff upper lip.
21 Still central to Rotorua's tourism offering is its accessibility to thermal activity such as hot-water geysers and boiling mud pools, plus the opportunity to engage in Maori culture.
22 offers guided Tours showing steaming vents, boiling mud pools and geysers as well as Maori culture, including the national carving and weaving schools as well as a replica village.
23 of the biggest expressions of open source culture is Wikipedia, perhaps the most comprehensive and useful encyclopedia ever created.
24 I referred a moment ago to "the average European", because body language is very much tied to culture, and in order not to misunderstand, or not to be misunderstood, you must realize this.
25 The focus of the meeting, held this month, was on culture and ideology.
26 You need to be aware of how your habits of emotional expression will affect people in a particular culture.
27 In such a sensitive consumer sector, the risks of a culture clash and brand destruction are high.
28 It was an enormous culture shock," she says.
29 Legal institutions and the cable TV culture dampen enthusiasm by punishing failure so remorselessly.
30 A white culture and a colored culture.