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cultural artifacts in a sentence

1. Taíno cultural artifacts include cave paintings in several locations in the country.

2. The second group wants to redefine memes as observable cultural artifacts and behaviors.

3. Numerous Korean cultural artifacts were destroyed or taken to Japan.

4. Some see racist stereotypes as cultural artifacts that should be preserved.

5. By this, they appear to refer to the production of knowledge or cultural artifacts.

6. 5) participant observation and 6) physical or cultural artifacts.

7. In 2016, UNESCO recognized the book as one of the "world's principal cultural artifacts".

8. Section 5 (Articles 41–46) outlines the rights related to cultural artifacts.

9. It preserves the historical and cultural artifacts of the Meru people.

10. They have been depicted in decorative motifs and cultural artifacts.

11. All of the cultural artifacts associated with the dance are blessed by a priest.

12. Some 15,000 cultural artifacts disappeared in that time.

13. Generally Satras are treasure troves of cultural artifacts.

14. He also collected animals and cultural artifacts.

15. The FBI Art Crime Team returned 361 cultural artifacts to China on February 28, 2019.

16. Films are cultural artifacts created by specific cultures.

17. buildings and places as cultural artifacts and how to protect, conserve and retrofit them;

18. Such can be cultural artifacts like portraits, caricatures, masks, and made-up faces.

19. Cultural artifacts "...rely on and exploit a natural disposition.

20. The museum cherishes a great deal of the rarest cultural artifacts of Korean art.

21. Cultural artifacts showed evidences of adjustments as later social scientists found.

22. Oftentimes these cultural artifacts have been underwater for a great length of time.

23. Berryhill is a self-taught artist specializing in beadwork of cultural artifacts.

24. Three major clusters of cultural artifacts were found, as were a number of minor ones;

25. Most of the exhibits represent ethnological, archaeological, and cultural artifacts.

26. The couple met while working on a bill regulating the export of cultural artifacts.

27. Also available are Russian cultural artifacts in the museum.

28. Among these cultural artifacts were also many books and archives.

29. Jackman was a collector of African American memorabilia and black cultural artifacts.

30. Collect Pacific Rim cultural artifacts, paleontology, and anthropology.