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cultivate in a sentence

1. They cannot cultivate the soil."

2. Tanu : to plant, cultivate land.

3. Some also cultivate mangoes.

4. Sclerocactus are easy to cultivate.

5. cultivate the soil after planting;

6. Sumerians did not cultivate saffron.

7. Totos cultivate land.

8. Nevertheless, it’s easy to cultivate.

9. Farmers cultivate two crops per year.

10. Considered easy to cultivate.

11. They are farmers, who cultivate coffee.

12. Conserve And Cultivate.

13. People cultivate potatoes and cabbage.

14. Cultivate his acquaintance;

15. Very few farmers cultivate paddy.

16. Cultivate a Creative Student Body."

17. He also starts to cultivate his land.

18. Farmers cultivate vineyards and more.

19. The Stieng cultivate dry-field rice.

20. are used to cultivate in this village.

21. One third people cultivate mango.

22. There were more lands to cultivate;

23. Farmers cultivate the popular eggs.

24. cultivate land;

25. They cultivate rice.

26. They cultivate grains only.

27. They cultivate grains only.

28. operate lathes. To cultivate onion.

29. Try to cultivate a less brusque manner.

30. Can cultivate at curtilage or wayside.