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cruise liner in a sentence

91. The largest passenger ship to navigate the Northwest Passage was the cruise liner Crystal Serenity of gross tonnage 69,000.

92. In 2006 the cruise liner MS Bremen successfully ran the Northwest Passage, helped by satellite images telling where sea ice was.

93. Lester was called in at the last minute as a replacement director on Juggernaut (1974), a thriller set on a cruise liner.

94. Cruise liner crew are also a revenue generator, with 27,000 crew members visiting Alaska in 2017 alone, generating about $22 million.

95. Therion performed at Hellfest Summer Open Air, ProgPower USA, and the 2012 cruise liner based festival 70000 Tons of Metal.

96. A popular dive trip is to the 177m long wreck of the cruise liner MS Mikhail Lermontov, which lies at Port Gore, 37 metres underwater.

97. The first Super Trainer Showdown was held in Long Beach, California inside of the cruise liner, the Queen Mary on July 22, 2000.

98. However, since the opening of the Liverpool cruise liner terminal in 2013, Langton Dock has ceased to berth cruise liners.

99. Set in the early 22nd century, the film opens with the destruction of a space cruise liner by a bolt of nebular lightning.

100. The original video was to depict the band performing on a sinking cruise liner, but the video was scrapped after filming.

101. Since 2016, the line has been used as a shuttle for cruise liner passengers heading for Adelaide, with additional services provided.

102. Caly was a cruise liner owned by Louis Cruises, and was under charter to Thomson Cruises, part of TUI Travel at one time.

103. Finding living in Emmerdale after the split too difficult, Bernice takes a job on a cruise liner and leaves Gabby with Ashley.

104. She first entered showbusiness on a cruise liner in the Pacific, later working extensively as a singer with her Sally Sagoe Band.

105. Under these difficult circumstances, the yard lengthened the ocean cruise liner MS Berlin operated by Peter Deilmann Cruises.

106. Nicholas Fandorin, at the height of the financial crisis of 2009, travels on the Atlantic in the luxury cruise liner Falcon.

107. A sequel to the film was planned and Ravikumar had hoped to film scenes on a cruise liner, but the project failed to take off.

108. Beranabus, Sharmilla, Kernel, Dervish and Bec arrive on a boat, a luxury cruise liner which is covered in the bodies of the death.

109. The island is visited by uncouth tourists whom Nim believes to be pirates, since the name of their cruise liner is The Buccaneer.

110. Fashioning the modern (1948) cruise liner Exochorda from Dauphin required stripping the vessel to the bare hull and machinery.

111. For the next decade he continued travelling all over the country, including a tour with the SS Coolidge cruise liner in 1934.

112. On September, 10th, 2008 the port accepted the first passenger cruise liner a 16-deck Italian vessel named "Costa Mediterranea".

113. In 1980 she was purchased by Dolphin (Hellas) of Piraeus, renamed Albatross, and rebuilt at Perama to become a cruise liner.

114. Its plot involves a confidence trickster who goes for a trip of a luxury cruise liner, where he is himself conned out of his money.

115. They traveled by cruise liner to Shanghai, China where they performed an extended engagement at the elegant Canidrome Ballroom.

116. Gibraltar is a popular tourist destination for cruise liner calls due to its location at the entrance to the Mediterranean.

117. The climax scenes were filmed in a cruise liner as the ship sailed a seven-night itinerary across Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

118. He escaped from the Soviet Union by jumping overboard from a cruise liner in the open ocean, and swimming to the Philippines.

119. During the 1930s Richards exhibited with the London Group and in 1937 produced decorations for the P&O cruise liner Orcades.

120. The cruise liner was carrying 4,500 passengers and 1,600 crew members, one of whom was reportedly showing flu-like symptoms.