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cruise liner in a sentence

31. Caronia, was completed in 1949 as a permanent cruise liner and Aquitania was retired the next year.

32. More recently, regular cruise liner traffic has built up, making the port very busy in season.

33. A busy cruise liner terminal has been developed on the Valletta side of Grand Harbour;

34. Other notable employers include Banagher Sawmills and the cruise liner businesses located at the marina.

35. The tunnel is routed beneath St. Nicholas Place and the access road for the new cruise liner facility.

36. By 24 March, the vessel was sailing for Port Everglades, a cruise-liner port in Florida, United States.

37. Hoppus' original idea was that the band would be playing on the deck of an old cruise liner as it sank.

38. In 1971, the cruise liner Sea Venture (later renamed the Pacific Princess) was constructed.

39. The ship is the first cruise liner visit in 2020, when it berthed at the Port of Lautoka with 3853 passengers.

40. On 7 October, members of the Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) hijacked the Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro.

41. She appeared in advertising campaigns for cruise liner P&O Cruises Australia and Uncle Tobys.

42. Shizuko boards a luxury cruise liner, the Fuji Maru, with the ticket she found in the suit she stole.

43. The climax of the film was shot in Muscat, Dubai and Bahrain on the Indian-owned cruise liner Ocean Majesty.

44. Jill, Adam Sandler gives a demonstration of Double Dutch jump rope on board the cruise liner.

45. In August 1932, as the Caledonia Cruise liner neared the dock, representatives from these teams awaited him.

46. On 20 August 1951, Prince Rupert rammed the cruise liner Princess Kathleen north of Prince Rupert.

47. When Barry is evicted from his flat, he decides to take a job as a DJ on a cruise liner in July 1988.

48. They began seizing UN aid ships, and even attacked a cruise liner attempting to capture it for ransom.

49. Carnival Corporation is one example of a cruise liner that is currently pursuing cleaner energies.

50. As a cruise liner, the Aquarama was able to carry 2,500 passengers and 160 automobiles.

51. The film was shot on a cruise liner from 5 to 25 May and later at the Filmistan Studio in Mumbai.

52. Wonder Cruise is a cruise simulation game where users are tasked with running their own luxury cruise liner.

53. Junpei wakes up in a cabin inside a cruise liner, wearing a bracelet displaying the number "5".

54. In 1999, she changed careers and became an entertainment director and comedy performer on a cruise liner.

55. On a cruise liner a bachelor millionaire is subject to the attention of women seeking a rich husband.

56. Approximately 270,000 to 300,000 cruise liner passengers transit through the port annually.

57. Siddhu aims to be a chef on a cruise liner in Singapore and his financial status does not support him.

58. Since the absence of a cruise liner, the Port of St. Petersburg has been struggling to get commercial usage.

59. Currently the cruise liner operated its main ship, the Ocean Majesty, in main scheduled operations.

60. On their return journey to England, their ship, the cruise liner Hilary, ran aground in fog at Carmel Head.