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cruise liner in a sentence

1. This line is now mainly used by tourists, often arriving by cruise liner at Skagway.

2. The terminal also includes a dedicated cruise liner berth.

3. In late 2007 he was a guest artist on a ten-day Princess Cruise liner.

4. They may as well be working on a cruise liner.

5. Iron from the Calderbanks works was used to build the Queen Mary cruise liner.

6. He also found work singing on a cruise liner and was cast in multiple musicals.

7. A cruise liner berthed at Portland Port was used as accommodation.

8. The first use of fin stabilizers on a ship was by a Japanese cruise liner in 1933.

9. Jersey Boys is currently playing on Norwegian Cruise Liner, Norwegian Bliss.

10. Cici is an entertainer on a cruise liner with her business partner Fala.

11. The 24-story tower was designed to resemble a luxury cruise liner from 1925.

12. Divers see a largely intact luxury cruise liner and a military ship.

13. Most of this force was aboard the hastily commandeered cruise liner Canberra.

14. The next day it's New York's turn, and she and Flav go on a small cruise liner.

15. She takes a position on a space cruise liner, and sets of for Alpha Centauri.

16. It is now a cruise liner terminal.

17. His ‘biggest’ project was a cruise liner for an American ocean carrier.

18. In 1961, Galvão was involved in the hijacking of a Portuguese luxury cruise liner.

19. MV Funchal is a Portuguese passenger and cruise liner.

20. She boards a cruise liner and departs.

21. The presentation ceremony was postponed until July on board cruise liner Changsha.

22. One cruise liner diverted its route from the Bahamas toward New York.

23. Cruise liner arrivals are the fastest growing type of foreign tourism to Argentina;

24. MS Renaissance was a 1966 built cruise liner.

25. MV Lisboa was a Portuguese cruise liner owned by Portuscale Cruises.

26. First conversation: On a cruise liner, A, an aesthetic young man, is writing.

27. The HMHS Britannic was a successor to the Titanic, built as a luxury cruise liner.

28. He was on Anderson Cooper 360° while experiencing totality on the cruise liner.

29. MV Wilhelm Gustloff was a German cruise liner laid down on 4 August 1936.

30. This line is now mainly used by tourists, often arriving by cruise liner at Skagway.