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No. sentence
1 I like him all the better for his criticism.
2 Such criticism so far doesnt seem to have affected her husbands career.
3 Every one of us has the magic power of empowering other people simply by generously giving praise and showing encouragement instead of criticism to help them realize their potential.
4 About my only criticism of Steve Jobs is that Apple itself is quite vertical.
5 Her actions drew criticism from her superior.
6 Why have you singled out this incident for criticism?
7 sovereign wealth fund hasn't netted great returns so far, yielding more criticism at home than praise.
8 Nevertheless, she was soon confronted with a wave of criticism, some of it vulgar, saying she had no appreciation for the arts.
9 He toned down his criticism.
10 I hope to profit by [from] your advice [criticism, comments].
11 Criticism should be entirely reasonable.
12 The designer came in for a lot of criticism.
13 He always turns a deaf ear to other people's criticism.
14 I didn't expect him to turn a deaf ear to his comrades' criticism.
15 If you do that, you can detach yourself from the criticism emotionally and see what should be done.
16 We have not said that no one should criticise us... I welcome criticism.
17 There is though, some criticism.
18 They can always use this as some form of criticism.
19 However, you can change your actions - how you communicate the criticism. Or whether you criticize at all.
20 One criticism of the survey is that in some areas it is too early to judge the presidents legacy.
21 Not to worry. That has nothing to do with the New Criticism.
22 I couched criticism on him in tactful language.
23 How has this changed and how do you respond to criticism of some of the initiatives?
24 You can do the same thing with criticism: find the positive in it.
25 He's very, very able, more able than almost anybody I know, to take criticism and do something with it.
26 Then I launched into a criticism of the work of this writer.
27 It takes practice, criticism, and more practice.
28 But with the power these companies hold, no matter what they do they will be the targets of criticism.
29 So then, how do you deliver constructive criticism?
30 Why did scholars not call it "editing criticism"?