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critical infrastructure in a sentence

1. It's about mission-critical infrastructure."

2. Critical infrastructure is vital for the essential functioning of a country.

3. InfraGard focuses on the development, management and protection of critical infrastructure.

4. These new options have become a "critical infrastructure service for the OER movement."

5. He has warned about the possibility of cyberwarfare that targets critical infrastructure.

6. Among the critical infrastructure listed was a robust and reliable Internet exchange.

7. forensics; and critical infrastructure protection to name a few.

8. PDD-63 identified the responsibilities DoD had for critical infrastructure protection.

9. Ultimately, DoD was responsible for supporting national critical infrastructure protection.

10. There are ten defense critical infrastructure sectors that are protected by the DoD.

11. Reconstitution is the last phase of the critical infrastructure protection.

12. and developing a digital, geospatial database of critical infrastructure for Hawaii.

13. Critical infrastructure is vital for essential functioning of a country.

14. and as Chairperson of the Critical Infrastructure Committee.

15. Several forms of critical infrastructure fall within IDB districts including;

16. This mitigation is particularly important for critical infrastructure devices.

17. Cyber Resilience, where he led a Critical Infrastructure Protection group;

18. Its focus is the protection of national critical infrastructure against cyber incidents.

19. Hoover Dam has been designated as National Critical Infrastructure.

20. The tie to critical infrastructure operations is an important aspect of these courses.

21. Road transport is a critical infrastructure for economic development of the country.

22. It will look at critical infrastructure and green infrastructure.

23. They will be deployed to the Iraqi port Umm Qasr and will secure critical infrastructure;

24. Critical infrastructure located in the mountains of Jayuya.

25. The nuclear reactor and critical infrastructure are being built by Russian companies.

26. Crimes committed against critical infrastructure are provided a higher class of penalties.

27. The bill would require the Secretary to: (1) designate critical infrastructure sectors;

28. and as such has become a common, crucial element of critical infrastructure systems.

29. These regiments were tasked with protecting critical infrastructure in their province.

30. terrorism and cyber-attacks against maritime critical infrastructure;