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1 As agile processes mature, it is critical that we as practitioners stay true to the spirit of the agile manifesto, and not be carried away by the tasks defined in the many variants of agile methods.
2 But he added: "the revival is happening at different levels of society, with some [Confucian theorists] having a much more critical way of thinking."
3 The case... will be critical to future in-flows of foreign direct investment, so vital to Russian economic revival.
4 The game was originally intended to be a copy of the arcade game "Star Castle," but critical hardware differences stood in the way.
5 The most critical value of this split between horizontal and vertical governance is that it creates a barrier to force the governance participants away from traditional "stove pipe" thinking.
6 The QA process, though often relegated to a secondary position in the production pipeline, is emphasized as a critical component of the development process.
7 Both lessons underscore the critical importance of educating for liberty.
8 As I said, we want a frank, critical, transparent, credible and independent review of our performance, as well as that of the International Health Regulations.
9 This can be useful in those critical situations where you need to at least temporarily fix an urgent SQL problem but cannot wait for a fix from a vendor or developer.
10 Deep persistence to making an idea happen is key - even though leaders must often make critical "pivots" from initial plans to transform abstract ideas into powerful realities.
11 If something of critical importance does call your attention away, send the facilitator an im so they know your attention is elsewhere, why it is, and let them know when the distraction is gone.
12 Inside this space and is a dictionnary / encyclopedia of scientific terms with critical or philosophical dimensions .
13 His research suggests marriage counselors might do well to encourage troubled couples to be more critical of one another.
14 They are formidable musicians, although critical opinion is still split as to the emotional depth of their playing.
15 The thought that we might be deprived of rebar or some other critical substance in a showdown with foreigners arouses our most primitive impulses.
16 By doing this you can figure out what information is critical to memorize and what can be skimmed.
17 results from the critical stabilization must be applied in the construction of the stabilizing law for a tethered satellite system when the tether is assumed rigid and massless.
18 forest contains many varieties of these strangler FIG trees, and their fruit is a critical food source for numerous rain forest dwellers, including monkeys, civets, butterflies, and ants.
19 brain's surface a filigree of arteries feeds blood to the region under the surgeons' urgent scrutiny: a part of her left frontal lobe critical to the production of spoken language.
20 Global supply chains stalled as the tsunami disrupted production of critical Japanese high-tech components such as silicon wafers for semiconductors.
21 It helps by defining the elements in each of the SOA layers and making critical architectural decisions at each level.
22 We all believe we live in an exceptional time, perhaps even a critical moment in the history of the species.
23 To avoid resource leaks, it is therefore critical to identify when the resource is no longer needed and remove it from this global collection.
24 Finding out about your investors before you sign them up is critical, ” he says. “And you have to understand what everybody wants from the business.
25 Reducing the spread of these infections will be a critical step towards enhanced and long term safety in health care.
26 The courts upheld the decision, but were nevertheless critical of the commission's reasoning.
27 it to be held that way, rather than getting more and more curved over time, the amount of matter and energy it contains must be at a particular, critical density.
28 For these reasons, spreadsheets and databases must be avoided for the storage of critical configuration information.
29 the iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm and several critical techniques in implementing optimal match are briefly decrypted here.
30 Furthermore, it posed concrete surface treatment, smearing method, winding manner of polythene gummed tape and some critical proceedings during execution.