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No. sentence
1 I want it NOW” attitude is satisfied with credit. You can have it now!
2 The way to real growth is through lending to investments in the future and consumption based on savings, not out of control credit growth by Banks.
3 growth of microfinance has reduced local politicians' ability to use rural credit as a tool of patronage. That puts MFIs in the firing line.
4 to fool a bank is your birth date and us social security number, or just discarded credit card offer junk mail taken from your bin.
5 shredder. If you shred a fair bit of paper around your place (credit card or bank statements, receipts and paid bills) a great idea is to place the shredder directly over the recycle bin.
6 there is one lesson everybody should take away from the credit crunch it is that central bankers, no less than dentists, are only human.
7 W: Cash, credit card, cheque anything. I just have to see a doctor.
8 We use credit CARDS in the PayPal wallet!
9 they say, is partly because the competition to provide credit is so fierce, however cheap it is.
10 We are determined to bring credit to our country by filling this gap in our industry.
11 patient responded to the shock therapy, as the credit markets and financial sector bounced back.
12 credit, a poorly regulated market overrun by speculators, and cheerleading from Dubai officials — including the hereditary ruler, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.
13 The good thing about these is that you can carry them everywhere you go - putting the credit card sized CD or the USB drive into your pocket and using your own operating system anywhere you go.
14 Credit crunch became common parlance, the banking system was brought to the brink, and what began as an American property crisis gradually enveloped the world.
15 I didn't credit that absurd tale.
16 Underground lending solves a huge problem for private companies. But no one knows exactly where all that credit is really going - and nobody seems able to control it.
17 euro tumbled to a 10-month low against the dollar yesterday after a credit downgrade for Portugal and uncertainty over an aid package for Greece undermined the currency.
18 First Premier Bank, for one, just tweaked the fees on its credit CARDS aimed at individuals with low credit scores to comply with recent legislation, and its business proceeds apace.
19 This is an outstanding blog about protecting your privacy when shopping on the Internet and what type of disposable credit or debit CARDS to use and how they work.
20 Our designated banks have signed a framework agreement on financial cooperation which envisages grant of credit in local currencies and cooperation in capital markets and other financial services.
21 If you create a new account, please reopen and respond to this ticket. We will credit your new account 10 cents per day for each day surfed with the account that we are now closing.
22 We will credit that account 10 cents per day for each day surfed with the account that we are now closing.
23 I bought credit protection on Wells Fargo, and sold it on AIG, so I'm now hedged!
24 They now have much stronger capital bases than they did two years ago as the credit crunch began.
25 Put less food on your plate. Freeze your credit card into a block of ice.
26 When I think of paying with plastic, I think of credit or debit CARDS.
27 Yes, they ran off with my bag and all my credit CARDS, but I never would have known to visit Charlottenburg Palace if it weren't for them.
28 There are piles of evidence that people are bad decision makers when it comes to how they use credit CARDS.
29 trend was upwards for much of this decade, except for the period when the credit crunch was biting hardest.
30 We credit the earned interest to your account automatically every quarter.