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No. sentence
1 The above practice means the creation of packages in PROD environment is usually not desired as it could also circumvent verification processes and approvals tied to legal subjects.
2 One hypothesis about their creation is that they are the result of stars being sucked into giant black holes.
3 This might save you time for the dictionary creation.
4 These artifacts are very valuable for the creation of patterns because they can be reused in a simple manner.
5 Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.
6 PKI is entrusted with managing everything related to the creation, manipulation, and management of these keys.
7 We have found that iterative development is most effective when you combine it with a deliberate balance of early risk reduction and early value creation.
8 We continue to conduct tests, but increasingly, we conduct long conversations with her, acutely aware that our creation will raise many ethical questions on the part of the public.
9 Time magazine named Martin's creation as one of the world's most anticipated inventions late last year but he is acutely aware that the quest for a working jetpack has been littered with failure.
10 Every man loves two women; the one is the creation of his imagination, and the other is not yet born.
11 This will expedite the subscription set creation process, especially if you have many members and many servers.
12 Creation and usage of Shared context.
13 A partitioning key consists of one or more columns defined at table creation.
14 With this approach, services become a foundation in the creation of new solutions and can provide cohesion between business requirements and it solutions.
15 But my salmon is a part of an elaborate creation, built into a tower, with an ornate garnish of fennel, heirloom tomatoes and some other diced vegetables that I fail to identify.
16 To approximate the sound of creation, the astronomer used recent advances in cosmic mapping, sophisticated computer programs, and some basic musical concepts.
17 In some regions, sometimes two or more vowels together prompt the creation of an extra syllable.
18 The album, then, is a hybrid creation.
19 In this Eden, too, the woman's curiosity is the driving force that rouses creation from the stasis of repetition.
20 Punk purists are perhaps the most loathsome gnats in all of creation.
21 Other technologists, notably Raymond Kurzweil, have extolled the coming of ultrasmart machines, saying they will offer huge advances in life extension and wealth creation.
22 holds for creation, looked upon as one of the possible attitudes for the man conscious of the absurd, holds for all the styles of life open to him.
23 Jaki clearly affirms that in Christianity, a slide into pantheism was prevented because the doctrine of the creation was bolstered up by faith in the Incarnation.
24 These allow you to perform batch creation and absorption of fragments.
25 She also called for the creation of a European credit rating agency to rival large, private companies that rate the credit of companies and countries for investors.
26 She skillfully integrates female Angle of view and aesthetic pursuit in her artistic construction and creation and composes a poem of females with aesthetic video language.
27 Figure 4 shows the node and host name assignment panel for the profile creation wizard.
28 The duo carefully dissect America's labour-force figures and find that tradables have contributed almost nothing to American job creation since 1990.
29 Creation is an attempt at seeing something.
30 This enables the creation of different messages for repeated elements.