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No. sentence
1 When do you create a branch type?
2 As stated by Larson and Murray, “Our view is that the world will create these BLOSSOMS modules. MIT is quality assurance.”
3 Creating a minimalist diet is about paring food quantity and preparation to the essential and experimenting with different types of food to create a simple culinary delight.
4 So we decided to create our own publishing company.
5 If you, like us, find that your application requires a great deal of manual coding, we suggest you create your own set of widget classes to simplify the code you write.
6 You must create an update site with the features you want to install and deploy those to the device.
7 Some NIEM practitioners create more formal CMTs that have separate columns indicating the kind of extension, the base types and elements, and the level of semantic alignment.
8 Like the jobs you launch, you also own the directories and files you create.
9 These let you create the loan application submission workflow and the form workflow policy necessary to launch the workflow when the form is completed by the customer.
10 How do I create and schedule a task that would check weekly for a new SP release (for example, every Thursday at 3:00 am)?
11 Create Service Provider (SP) accounts.
12 Requirements should be populated by the business analyst; for simplicity, however, we will create a sample requirement.
13 Mr. Tan said if a scene like the one in the painting could be found in Henan, he would create music for the show.
14 So, to create methods Shared by all classes, I set the function on the prototype, not just on the object.
15 When you map data from one attribute to another with a static relationship, you can also transform the data according to the table you create with the relationship editor.
16 Although you can create a single dynamic configuration file for all of your servers, I recommend creating two static configuration files, one for each.
17 Specifically, you need to create an instance variable for each dynamic component that you defined on the view.
18 How to use Wireshark to help to create a protocol fuzzing framework?
19 All these proposals were designed to create the New Sudan that southerners dream of: an integrated, federal and multiethnic nation that, for the first time in decades, could live at peace with itself.
20 This is still a huge question for us when we think about nation building and building new states, how to create a legitimate authority.
21 Citigroup could create a "bank within a bank" to contain its worst-performing assets to try to protect the rest of the operation and allow a revival in lending.
22 If this is the world we helped create, then I apologize.
23 We do, however, create user interfaces for most of the systems we build.
24 you always have a story in mind when you create your paintings or do you sometimes go for sheer aesthetics?
25 For Lesson 2, you create a UML project and an analysis model of use cases from those requirements and establish traceability back to the requirements.
26 As you create and select items, the sample adds them as links to the page.
27 A newsgroup poster going by bog1978 suggests using C#’s lambda support to create your own Using-like construct.
28 From what we're hearing, HP wants to create a seamless experience for all of their hardware.
29 The timeless words and thoughts that you released today, could have easily traveled backwards in time, to create a situation for your back to start hurting, before you started complaining.
30 As a quality engineering and test manager, I create test plans for various programs and products.