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crawl in a sentence

1. The railways barely crawl.

2. He didn't crawl away.

3. One guy did crawl out.

4. This begins a pub crawl;

5. Crawl or crawling may refer to:

6. Progress slowed to a crawl.

7. They performed the song "Crawl".

8. They performed the song "Crawl".

9. 10m long pipe crawl;

10. And then we love the crawl-back.

11. Turtle Crawl Triathlon &

12. he can only crawl with his arms.

13. Crawl, walk, and then run.

14. Crawl Away may refer to:

15. They performed the song "Crawl".

16. He would make your skin crawl."

17. The young hatch and crawl away.

18. She used the crawl style.

19. This "crawl" consumed six weeks.

20. They performed the song "Crawl".

21. Instead, there is a crawl space.

22. Clarion excavated the crawl space;

23. And make flesh crawl."

24. Roaches crawl on a gambling form.

25. They crawl in looping movements.

26. It is a dungeon crawl video game.

27. and "Crawl to your Europe!"

28. Crawl frog may refer to:

29. It was able to crawl for days.

30. They also crawl on leaves.