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court judgments in a sentence

1. Cabinet decisions, court judgments, and the national currency are issued in his name.

2. Thus, Constitutional limitations applied to the validity of state court judgments.

3. It does not refer to statutory legal requirements nor to common-law precedent derived from court judgments.

4. Petitions to the House of Lords did not have to seek reversal of lower court judgments;

5. In federal court, judgments on appeal are given preclusive effect.

6. Appeal of bailie court judgments lay in turn with the provincial Parlements.

7. Victims of foreign terrorism are allowed by law to collect court judgments from the U.S. government.

8. These represent court judgments, actual dollar amounts.

9. The sheriff retains responsibility for enforcement of court judgments and the administration of jury service.

10. As noted above, the Russian authorities have refused to abide by the European Court judgments.

11. In England and Wales, County Court judgments (CCJs) are legal decisions handed down by the County Court.

12. Nevertheless, there are, by nature, many more Office decisions than there are court judgments.

13. All court judgments were to be issued in dollars and cents.

14. Laws, regulations and court judgments, news items and reports do not carry a copyright.

15. Prescribed works generally include legislation and court judgments.

16. After this, debts were left unpaid and at least nineteen county court judgments were lodged against her.

17. However, court judgments and various pieces of legislation offer various rights to such couples.

18. However, the Principles have been cited by numerous national governments and court judgments.

19. He now makes enough money from court judgments to support himself full-time.

20. Irish court judgments: French court judgment: Other:

21. People will hire him for providing false witness during court judgments.

22. The journal also covers supreme court judgments with a European dimension.

23. 375 (unlawful court judgments) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

24. And for over half a century, the colonial assembly of Virginia could review court judgments.

25. Erickson and his companies have amassed at least seven civil court judgments against them over the years.

26. A special report on the non-enforceability of US Court Judgments is forthcoming.

27. The issue of non-enforceability of US Court Judgments was addressed.

28. Until the end of the 17th century, court judgments were carried out there in public.

29. Meanwhile, there are several court judgments against Santander because of loan processing fees.

30. The Philippines and Vietnam sped contract enforcement by setting time limits on court judgments.