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No. sentence
1 Many countries around the world, including Cuba, Venezuela, Switzerland, and Ireland, have already banned the use of incandescent lights.
2 There is no conflict of fundamental interests among the third world countries.
3 Though North Korea is one of the world's poorest countries, its skill with missiles and rockets has improved steadily since it first acquired a missile from Egypt around 1980.
4 The Bank hopes to launch the program this fall at its Annual Meetings, and later to replicate it in other countries, said Zoellick.
5 Foreign countries have a different way of life from ours.
6 Shah says prosperity is driving demand in these countries.
7 This is seen as undermining the protocol agreement which took many years to build, and has until now been the cornerstone for committing all countries to cut their emissions.
8 In rich countries four main forces are driving the revival of industrial policy.
9 Most people who come from other countries seem to fit in with the way of life here.
10 As trading partners with broad and close ties, both countries should not allow differences on some issues to affect their cooperation in areas of common interests.
11 All the countries of the Americas and the European Union severed relations with Honduras after the coup, and many cut aid programmes.
12 This means that we use an age and risk group based approach in line with most other countries that have seasonal influenza vaccination programmes.
13 Developing countries, even those with modest deficits, either are not able to borrow at all or are confronting much higher spreads.
14 He noted again he would completely resolve the dispute between the two countries.
15 The tourists who flood into Rome's forum, Florence's Uffizi gallery or st Mark's Square in Venice might be surprised to learn that Italy is one of the youngest countries in Europe.
16 Turkey has eight European and Asian countries as neighbours: Bulgaria and Greece on the west; Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan on the northeast; Iran on the east; and Iraq and Syria on the south.
17 Even if Spain descends into crisis, I think the damage would be limited to specific European banks with big holdings of sovereign debt from crisis countries.
18 Similar conditions are to be found in other countries.
19 of the two countries claimed the territory.
20 scale of the Venice Biennale means that artists, cultural institutions and individual countries all vie, not just for attention, but for international recognition.
21 In some countries with a tradition of state-owned public broadcasting, it is difficult, if not impossible, for independent media to secure a place in the broadcast spectrum.
22 On your second question, the Special China-ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting initiated by ASEAN countries is going on in Yuxi, Yunnan Province.
23 The friendly relations between our two countries have been speeded to a new stage.
24 The boundary treaty was negotiated between the two countries.
25 Today's talk will steam up the economic cooperation between our two countries.
26 When a student from a warm country like Vietnam comes to Canada in the autumn for the first time, he feels cold at first, and most students from warm countries do not like this.
27 Coffee, computer… within an hour the world beckoned in the shape of OzBus: a magical bus leaving London Bridge for a three-month adventure across 17 countries to the Land Down Under.
28 As I've emphasized in the past, this policy hurts the rest of the world, increasing unemployment in many other countries, America included.
29 Countries including Britain, France and the US have urged their citizens to avoid trips to Thailand, and advised those already in Bangkok to stay in their hotels and away from protests.
30 Australia, he thinks, the best outcome would be for America to relinquish primacy and share power with China and other countries in a "concert of Asia".