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1 Any help that Bethlehem gets from the outside world tends to come from places far beyond Israel, such as European NGOs, churches and city councils.
2 was not just America and the West that has voted against Iran, but 12 out of the Security Council's 15 members, including China, Russia, Mexico and Nigeria.
3 Alas, its cycling experts were unable to design precisely the system they wanted, as many bike bays were refused planning permission by London's local councils.
4 councils, by comparison, have dragged the ir feet, despite the fact th at open bidding for permission to set up or manage new schools became compulsory in 2006.
5 America, Britain and France, the UN Security Council's Western veto-wielding trio, instantly denounced Iran's latest move and called for tighter sanctions to be imposed within weeks.
6 Many of the military council's decisions have been hasty and ill-judged, reflecting not just the pitfalls of rule by committee but also inexperience in civilian affairs.
7 Some councils have begun to run out of supplies of salt for gritting.
8 In order to help, some councils have waived the usual fee to close roads while others are offering party packs for organizers, with free bunting and flags.
9 Local councils, which are responsible for enforcing clothing standards at beaches, currently do not fine or prohibit topless bathers because they do not regard bare breasts as nudity.
10 The council's report frankly acknowledges that by draining national saving, the federal deficit, which will hit a record 10.6% of GDP this year, will hinder rebalancing.
11 Mayors and city councils all along the Rio Grande river, which forms the border with Mexico, are banding together in an effort to stop construction of the fence.
12 A number of councils have recommended the books and lesson plans to schools in their area.
13 district council's town- twin committee decided that Ep shall be twinned with Eppingen in Germany.
14 Under John Paul the Curia acquired a string of new "pontifical councils", quasi-ministries that deal with everything from health workers to Canon law.
15 That is good, but the US Treasury secretary will be the council's chairman, and the Fed, despite gaining some new powers, will for the most part be only one of many members.
16 Local councils allowed ever more plots to be zoned for urban development, issuing building permits with abandon and receiving fees or a percentage of the land.
17 I have voted in every election since I turned 18, including off years and off-off years, where only things like school boards and town councils were on the ballot.
18 50 boards and councils, with some 750 members.
19 But councils say this is dangerous and risks theft of nuclear material by terrorists en route, arguing the material should be treated as waste and "immobilised" at Dounreay.
20 A plan to transport 44 tonnes of radioactive uranium and plutonium by train has run into opposition from councils worried about accidents and terrorist attacks.
21 Puritan town councils expected widows and unattached women to be self supporting and for a long time provided needy spinsters with parcels of land.
22 Myanmar's neighbours are too morally insensible even to rebuke it in the councils of the Association of South-East Asian Nations.
23 Iran called the Council's involvement in the Gulf War issue absurd and said the action was tantamount to aiding Iraq.
24 Later church councils convened to discuss other threats to Christian orthodoxy.
25 In truth, the push to create urban parish councils suggests a trend he might be less keen on.
26 And second, their redesign of the state is limited by their mistrust of local councils, often a more logical place to devolve political power to than unelected busybodies.
27 Development councils, established in many villages in 2004 to manage the national government's development programmes and staffed by locally elected citizens, have flourished in many places.
28 It is not up to him, but local councils are so dependent on the central government that such pronouncements count.
29 In lean economic times, the message at the 2009 UN economic and Social Council's special event on philanthropy focused on the power of partnerships in advancing the global public health agenda.
30 Mr Willetts cites, approvingly, the way some American Indian tribal councils used to take decisions in the light of how they would affect the next seven generations.