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Cops and Robbers in a sentence

1. Battlefield Hardline, a cops and robbers style battlefield, launched on 17 March 2015.

2. Brown went on to play a villain in a 1967 episode of I Spy called "Cops and Robbers".

3. As with Cops and Robbers, prisoners can be freed by tagging them in the base.

4. Crash said it "is a great game" and "the ultimate arcade version of cops-and-robbers movies".

5. Shortly afterwards, the band released the singles Cops and Robbers and Burn, Camden, Burn.

6. Cops and Robbers in 1973;

7. The multiplayer games are: Cops and Robbers, Hackathon, Bi-Plane Duel, and Galleon Duel.

8. "Cops and Robbers" is a drinking game variation of Wink murder.

9. "I wanted to make a cops and robbers film.

10. It was one of those cops-and-robbers stories.

11. Bugs Bunny explains about cops and robbers, as well as gangster films.

12. Wayne had a supporting role as Detective Jacobs in the film Cops and Robbers.

13. He watches police TV shows, knows police procedures and plays cops and robbers with his friend Ray.

14. It was the "earliest of successful cops-and-robbers series" on television.

15. He was also awarded at the 1952 Cannes Film Festival for best screenplay for Cops and Robbers.

16. The song "Cops and Robbers" was released as an A-side of Checker single #850 in November 1956;

17. Players can also compete online, which includes additional game modes, such as "Cops and Robbers".

18. "Cops and Robbers" is a single by the UK Indie Band The Hoosiers.

19. Nelson reflected on his role: Cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers.

20. Cops and Robbers may refer to:

21. The B-side of this record, "Cops And Robbers," later became a hit for Bo Diddley in 1957.

22. Avakian directed Cops and Robbers (1973), One Night Stands and 11 Harrowhouse (1974).

23. Malkin was the editor for the 1973 film directed by Avakian, Cops and Robbers.

24. Sometimes make believe adopts an oppositional nature, resulting in games such as cops and robbers.

25. There is also a cops and robbers split screen mode.

26. Family friends remember Coulombe always wanting to be the "cop" during cops and robbers.

27. Cops and Robbers was produced at La MaMa in 1971 by La MaMa GPA Nucleus Company.

28. And right now I like the crime lord power struggle more than the "cops and robbers" stuff.

29. O'Connor told Black "they were so much fun, it was like playing cops and robbers."

30. Senator Robert Byrd called for an end to these cops-and-robbers operations.