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No. sentence
1 Of course, they should have control over the process.
2 You control it by touching the screen - an intuitive interface that even a toddler can figure out.
3 Researchers can precisely control the antenna's shape and size and therefore how it can be used for communication.
4 She had the grace of control to appear warm in the coldest weather, and one the Arkansas summer days it seemed she had a private breeze which swirled around, cooling her.
5 Winter ruffled his cape, and a flurry of illusionary snow swirled about the control room.
6 Security forces were ordered out to control the situation in the city.
7 The disclosure control method of RFIDIC realizes this suggestion by providing special authorization policy rules that assign the right to execute certain types of queries to certain user groups.
8 Moscow however wanted control over the eastern sector of Nato's missile defence systems and a written pledge that the system will never be used against Russia.
9 The test demonstrated fully integrated radar, launcher, fire control, missile, and engagement functions of the THAAD weapon system.
10 Ensure that only administrators with full control appear in the box.
11 Whether their mission is development, testing, or code control, teams do not want constraints on how they operate, particularly in their choice of tools.
12 The report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that the findings are subject to some limitations.
13 I hear that in the past the Maasai regarded family planning as offensive, especially when it meant reducing family size and practising birth control.
14 The tape market requires control.
15 Yet it is state politicians, not federal biologists, who now control the fate of wolves.
16 access modes and permissions provide extensive control over who can do what with files and directories.
17 The way to real growth is through lending to investments in the future and consumption based on savings, not out of control credit growth by Banks.
18 These template systems have no flow control — no loops or conditionals.
19 Moreover, Hamas senses separate supply lines are an attempt to build alternative patronage networks and an economy outside its control.
20 Until now, the centre-that is, perhaps no more than 200 unelected, often elderly, men-have by and large kept control of the reform process and of the country as a whole.
21 But he conceded that the research does not establish a causal link and that the study did not control for many possible variables.
22 paper introduces the principle and realized method of long distance reset of the outstation in microcomputer control and monitoring system with changing the form of communication data.
23 Out of control, the plane slammed into the woods northeast of Paris.
24 This could be a problem if you have no control over the hardware.
25 We built another data model to provide content for horizontal and vertical menu buttons that control the content of the headers and the table.
26 Now this chart shows the vertical sequence of some of these alarms. This is largely on pressure, a pressure control programme.
27 If the file exceeds the vertical height of the dialog box, a control allows for simple scrolling up and down.
28 The US is targeting Gadaffi but claims – wink, nudge – that it is only after command and control targets.
29 Without question, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is the most powerful tool we have, as an international community, to reduce the global disease burden.
30 We will continue to be vigilant and to take the lead on all aspects of tobacco control.