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No. sentence
1 The contract admits of no other interpretation.
2 These producers may not want to bear the risk of what future spot prices will be, so they may contract in futures markets to sell their future outputs at market-determined prices.
3 Smoking is an advance contract.
4 We must meet again to fix up the details of the contract.
5 specification participant can be realized by many concrete components that provide the services in a manner that realizes the contract and provides acceptable qualities of service.
6 You are obliged to assign to me your firm by the contract.
7 Our shop has made [entered into] a contract with a clothing firm to buy 100 coats a week.
8 Mr. Li continued, "Together with the completion of our acquisition of Digital Media Group earlier this year, this contract helps to solidify our leadership position on subway systems nationally.
9 This contract assures the company's profit this year.
10 of the agency contract, the agent shall render an account of the entrusted affair.
11 Set a quit date and write a "quit date contract" that includes your signature and that of a supportive witness.
12 It is transparent because the business-logic code contains no reference to contract checking; it is absolutely unaware of it.
13 They lost on the contract.
14 What clause do you require in the contract?
15 She violated the terms of the contract repeatedly.
16 The secretary has typed up the whole contract.
17 We hurried an oral agreement before signing a formal contract.
18 item of the contract still stands now.
19 trade contract stipulates for the settlement of balances in RMB.
20 It was disappointing to fail of winning the contract.
21 This is our contract.
22 You should see your stomach expand and contract.
23 Not just in the contract but in my interactions with them.
24 You need to check each commodity or futures contract since each of them is unique.
25 Do they tell you not to worry about the contract?
26 This allows you to apply any terms that apply to all customers within the store, including guest shoppers, in one contract.
27 We all know that nobody reads this stuff, but it is a binding contract.
28 What I mean is that one company might say to another company, "Lets partner on this contract."
29 That, too, is about the contract between the government and the governed," she said.
30 Some students learned how to be a lawyer, how to face the clients and how to make every clause of the contract clear.