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1 Gordell Wright, one of the tribe’s three elected trustees, observes most New Yorkers think of Indians in historical terms; but “we are here and our problems are contemporary, ” he says.
2 What is known is that Heraclitus mentions him as a contemporary and critic of Pythagoras, and we can thus date him as living roughly at around the same time.
3 In Los Angeles, billionaire Eli Broad is overseeing the construction of "the Broad," a new building downtown near MOCA (the museum of Contemporary Art) on Grand Ave.
4 He eventually founded his own advertising firm as well as a journal for contemporary arts, and he opened a gallery in Shanghai.
5 The ivory Buddha carved by Shen Weizhong, a contemporary Chinese sculptor, is the world's smallest piece of sculpture, its size being just four-fifths that of a grain of rice.
6 Although calling people to repent, Smith's creed reflected contemporary American optimism in its emphasis on humanity's inherent goodness and limitless potential for progress.
7 Since the 14th century, celebrations in these countries have often included huge effigies (up to 3 yards tall) of historical, biblical, and sometimes contemporary figures. And dragons.
8 Liu Zhen, 21, Singing, Beijing Contemporary Music Academy Most valued qualities: filial piety, the ability to care.
9 One is the first volume of the Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Third Edition.
10 Nevertheless, we have a view of what religion should be, in its best form, and these four articles describe features that a religion fit for the contemporary world needs to have.
11 A walk down memory lane with a contemporary flair, the collection offers an eclectic wardrobe that boasts its share of relaxed trousers, knits and outerwear.
12 The rousing hymn of the international workers' movement-freedom thundering against oppression, starvelings rising to end the age of cant-was felt not to fit the needs of the contemporary Soviet Union.
13 One contemporary psychological view is also focused on helping an individual move on, if not to spiritual enlightenment, to emotional healing and inner peace.
14 Having experienced the horse-and -buggy and Model T days, Ms. Dunning is amazed by the technology and styling of contemporary cars, she said.
15 grammar system of contemporary Chinese is built up according to greatly adsorb and employ the related content of English grammar.
16 This cool suspended bed will spice up any contemporary bedroom.
17 example, in an urban setting, crimson Burgundy roses, such as' Tuscany Superb 'and' Munstead Wood ', look great interspersed with grasses and other contemporary plants, such as Angelica gigas.
18 Abstract art and quirky pieces are combined with violets and metallic colors to create a contemporary space that fits your needs.
19 This contemporary mind-set, which extends far beyond the absence of her veil, may stem from her more common upbringing.
20 Humanity has fabricated the illusion that somehow we can get by without biodiversity or that it is somehow peripheral to the contemporary world," Steiner said.
21 contemporary effect is achieved with the use of ancestral resources such as handcrafted clay bricks made at the same location with clay soil from the ground.
22 east side the former white teaching building is topless, each room still with a mottled blackboard in it, hanging on the wall like pieces of contemporary art.
23 A CONTEMPORARY work of art can provoke outrage disproportionate to its artistic merit.
24 Some years ago, I was discussing music with two friends, one of them a distinguished contemporary composer.
25 The concept of "inter-subjectivity" put forward by late Husserl has become a basic concept in the contemporary philosophy which offered a key to re-considering Marxs theory of relationship.
26 study on Marxs thought of technology is the theoretical foundation for the research on the contemporary philosophy of technology.
27 Campus culture is the soul and spirit of a school. Strengthening the campus culture is an important handgrip to consolidate and develop the construction of contemporary culture.
28 In fact, each epitomizes an extreme end of the continuum that defines contemporary golf-course architecture.
29 The spider web epitomizes the Internet which is the most efficient contemporary media of interpersonal communication.
30 He rubbished most of the novels written by contemporary writers.