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1 By the end of the year, he plans to add augmented reality goggles that tell farmers about the ripeness of grapes, their heart rate, and their calorie consumption.
2 He also highlights that "if we can detect the patterns in which the problem, alcohol consumption, appears, we can issue prevention campaigns aimed at these people in greater risk situations".
3 Letting their tax cuts expire might reduce those bequests, but it will not reduce their current consumption significantly.
4 The US trade deficit is surging, for reasons that have nothing to do with domestic consumption and everything to do with policies and events abroad.
5 The way to real growth is through lending to investments in the future and consumption based on savings, not out of control credit growth by Banks.
6 We can then translate this information into estimates of the current diabetes and cardiovascular disease that can be attributed to the rise in consumption of these drinks.
7 Baseline new versions of the foundation architectures and broadcast them for general availability and consumption by projects.
8 quite a long time in the future, China's energy production and consumption will continue to be dominated by coal, which present us a vast platform for technical cooperation.
9 Since consumption tends to grow more slowly than GDP, excess capacity can only be used up via yet more investment or exports.
10 He produced a set of proposals to tackle climate change and America's dependence on foreign oil, including a target of reducing America's petrol consumption by 20% in the next ten years.
11 Water consumption decreased during the winter.
12 It's not a food of mass consumption, like noodles or rice.
13 They projected costs and energy consumption two years out for each option.
14 These women are a symbol of our era of consumption," Yang explains. "Enveloped in a lifestyle of greed and excessive materialism, these girls look alike."
15 That means some other component of demand must increase to compensate for the reduced consumption.
16 Reduced fuel consumption is not an end unto itself.
17 the other hand, its finely tuned multitouch interface makes it great for media consumption, and it's instantly usable anywhere because of the built-in 3G and feathery weight.
18 Another benefit is that memory consumption is optimized, as objects are only loaded into memory when they are requested.
19 Our forecast envisages total consumption of gold falling by 6.5% to 2, 771 tonnes.
20 the other hand, anything that reduces the number of animals killed for human consumption will be seen as a positive development by many campaigners.
21 Freshly collected date palm juice should also be boiled and fruits should be thoroughly washed and peeled before consumption.
22 Finally we have a device that offers convenient and conformable consumption of information, like the Web, like newspaper, like books.
23 But once the meat is ready for consumption, production lines could be set up in plants producing large amounts much more quickly and cheaply.
24 From a business standpoint, however, the growth in Internet news consumption hasn't been harnessed by news companies.
25 WHICH do you value: production or consumption?
26 Using their certificates, they can take means of consumption which used up the same amount of labor; this is not money because it cannot be accumulated.
27 A Saturday night in Canudos, a town of 15, 000 people in the interior of Bahia state surrounded on all sides by parched, silvery forest, there is a lot of consumption going on.
28 the only oyster-eaters that might be at risk from oil-tainted food: Many of the oysters for human consumption in the United States come from beds along the Gulf Coast.
29 The purpose of meat inspection is to provide safe and wholesome meat for human consumption.
30 They rarely take physical delivery of raw materials and have no effect on the actual production and consumption of metal, grain or oil.