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No. sentence
1 project area owns all project artifacts, and all relationships between these artifacts, that constitute the resources of the project.
2 might; but it would also constitute too great an intrusion on liberty for the gain in equity and efficiency it might (or might not) represent.
3 Listening, speaking, reading, then writing constitute the fundamental order in language learning.
4 Grap the cold-field paddyfield's characteristic and preponderant colony have the directive sense to constitute father's precept of weed, choose chemic weed scientific and its measure.
5 Four quarts constitute a gallon.
6 They constitute your memories; where you were, what you were doing, what you were interested in, what you were thinking of.
7 At runtime the server knits together the contributions from all installed components into the web pages that constitute the server's web UI.
8 the root of all this is a profound division of opinion over what constitutes, or should constitute, national identity.
9 CP43 and CP47 are two pigment protein complexes, which constitute the photosystem II (PSII) core antenna, and play an important role in excitation energy transfer.
10 This agreement and the schedules hereto constitute the entire agreement between the Parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersede all previous writings and understandings related hereto.
11 All the sectors on a disk platter that can be read without moving the head constitute a track.
12 True, and there are similar problems trying to measure the impact of ambition, vengeance, loyalty, and adherence to ideologies or religions, which in varying ways constitute culture.
13 These applications constitute the operational business environment in an enterprise, and are the sources for observations about things that happen in the enterprise.
14 The sum of all the business entities and their relationships constitute the domain model, which describes the problem domain.
15 He was also silent on precisely what would constitute finishing the job in Afghanistan or how soon he envisioned being able to begin extricating the United States from the war there.
16 They can now, for instance, appoint more directors without this being deemed to constitute control.
17 Taken together these constitute the so-called shadow avoidance syndrome. They enhance the growth of shoots and the upward movement of the leaves (i.e. the hyponastic response).
18 One consequence for coral reefs is that the symbiosis between the corals and algae that constitute a living reef is breaking down.
19 These acts constitute an interference in the internal affairs of other countries.
20 As to what evidence to be presented or whether the defendants' ACTS constitute crime, the court will decide independently according to law.
21 The revelation, which if true could constitute a breach of the National Security Act, came from a leaked briefing to Congress by Leon Panetta, the head of the CIA.
22 They do not constitute a complete and continuous set of memoranda.
23 Push SPV, introduce insurance mechanism, constitute government assuring system, disperse and transfer housing credit risk afterwards.
24 new laws also seek to tighten existing legislation on affirmative action, decreeing that black South Africans must constitute at least 60% of senior management by 2017, up from 26% at present.
25 orientals and Asian Americans constitute the majority of the engineering staffs at many Valley firms.
26 The expenses of creditors for participating in the bankruptcy proceedings may not constitute bankruptcy claims.
27 Statistics constitute a bulk of information that is surprisingly badly organised," he says. "it's not like a map, where every position can be defined by longitude, latitude and altitude."
28 In this architecture, information services constitute most of the sensing and actuating for the event processing component.
29 All of these different classes of information constitute data.
30 The services that create, access and maintain these data groupings constitute the data manipulation layer of the described architecture.