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constitute in a sentence

1. These constitute the Works of Piety.

2. these constitute the Perl C API.

3. Two innings constitute a game.

4. These constitute the MAB Bureau.

5. Those categories constitute CNP:

6. constitute non-CSS of DoPT.

7. Bats constitute the other half.

8. constitute the fauna of the district.

9. Maintenance) now constitute PAGASA.

10. Eleven points constitute a game.

11. Hindus constitute the majority.

12. constitute a CICA Business Council;

13. may constitute trademark dilution.

14. These constitute the "downy mildew".

15. not constitute a taxable event;

16. constitute non-CSS of DoPT.

17. constitute physical resources.

18. They constitute an SPSW.

19. Individuals constitute society.

20. They constitute a unique pedigree.

21. the capacity to constitute a trust;

22. Turks constitute a large minority.

23. These constitute the DPVS.

24. this does not constitute a crime.

25. rather, they constitute conduct."

26. the tales constitute his lesson.

27. It does not constitute a marriage."

28. 3 races shall constitute a regatta.

29. 3 races constitute a regatta.

30. Four quarts constitute a gallon.