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constellations in a sentence

91. Two Chinese constellations have an uncertain placement in Boötes.

92. Some of the early constellations were never universally adopted.

93. Eleanor came to learn arithmetic, the constellations, and history.

94. He connects Orion with several constellations, not just Scorpio.

95. Lamassu represent the zodiacs, parent-stars, or constellations.

96. Certain worms may cause particular constellations of symptoms.

97. Orion is among the most prominent and recognizable constellations.

98. He also became fascinated with the night sky and constellations.

99. Neither of these constellations has survived in the modern system.

100. It corresponds to constellations Lupus, Ophiuchus and Scorpius.

101. It corresponds to constellations Ara, Ophiuchus and Sagittarius.

102. The genitive forms of the constellations are used to name stars.

103. Posh, Jumpyand Constellations (Royal Court at the Duke of York's);

104. Big and Little Bear Constellations This collection started in 1995.

105. Sims can now choose to search for planets, constellations and UFOs.

106. For the regular QAM constellations, a gap of 1.56 dB is observed.

107. The Sable sky Constellations of stars sparkle above the earth.

108. (tr. Wang 1992:145) Chinese constellations figure prominently.

109. The second part described planets, fixed stars and constellations;

110. It lists, among others, 17 or 18 constellations in the zodiac.

111. Constellations opened at Royal Court Theatre on 13 January 2012.

112. Urania's Mirror illustrates 79 constellations on 32 separate cards.

113. "Painting the Constellations," The Normal School, Issue 1, 2008.

114. Some stellar constellations have been featured in fictional works.

115. Five ships were built, these being named after constellations.

116. She often repeats certain color constellations within an artwork.

117. In the finals, the questions are about stars and constellations.

118. He commands all deities of constellations, mountains, and rivers.

119. Circular-shaped constellations rise from the corners of the fort.

120. The 28 Mansions are part of the Chinese constellations system.