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constellations in a sentence

31. Several constellations are associated with the myth.

32. Constellations are portrayed as sacred deities of Egypt.

33. The 48 traditional Western constellations are Greek.

34. Two Pacific constellations also included Gamma Centauri.

35. some of them even describe constellations and calendars.

36. Serpens also contains a few Chinese constellations.

37. Orion and the scorpion both became constellations;

38. The stars of Auriga feature in Inuit constellations.

39. The story refers to constellations in the night sky.

40. Later, World acquired DC-6s and Lockheed Constellations.

41. It consists of two separate satellite constellations.

42. It shows information on constellations and planets.

43. The last Super Constellations were disposed of in 1963.

44. It is the sixth largest of the modern constellations.

45. Several constellations were also viewed as important.

46. Constellation or constellations may also refer to:

47. This time, 283 constellations and 1464 stars were listed.

48. It was between the constellations of Antlia and Hydra.

49. The first floor rooms are named after constellations.

50. The stars in the hexagon are parts of six constellations.

51. (DC-9s replaced TWA's last Constellations in 1967;

52. He also advocates the use of the constellations as loci.

53. co-curator, Constellations: 2009 Beijing 798 Biennial;

54. Constellations came out later in the year of 2009.

55. Due to that the constellations of power often shifted.

56. Here he festival musician with several constellations.

57. The following lists of constellations are available:

58. The Maya identified 13 constellations along the ecliptic.

59. Other lights come and go in brilliant constellations.

60. looks for planets in the constellations Cygnus and Lyra.