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No. sentence
1 I suggest you start a support group for bankers with a conscience.
2 This person controls my writing, so I think all of my work is from this conscience.
3 When taking her through the alphabet I expressed my pride that Bengali spelling has a conscience, and does not delight in overstepping rules at every step.
4 She behaves as if she has something on her conscience.
5 Chick flicks are romantic movies without a conscience.
6 When a child dies of a preventable disease, it offends our conscience; when a disease goes unchecked, it can endanger our own health; when children are sick, development is stalled.
7 the sufferer's conscience had been kept in an irritated state, the tendency of which was, not to cure by wholesome pain, but to disorganise and corrupt his spiritual being.
8 If any of them that believe not bid you to a feast, and ye be disposed to go; whatsoever is set before you, eat, asking no question for conscience sake.
9 My conscience tells me I have on every occasion acted up to that declaration according to its obvious import and to the understanding of every candid mind.
10 The guilt and conscience that he would show, when not taken over by the urge to murder, only confirmed how depraved and mentally disturbed this man was.
11 Conscience and cowardice are really the same things.
12 Perhaps all life to them was merely dreaming, and they never had anything like our waking consciousness, which seems to be the offspring of conscience, or else the parent of it.
13 This morbid meddling of conscience with an immaterial matter betokened, it is to be feared, no genuine and steadfast penitence, but something doubtful, something that might be deeply wrong, beneath.
14 This morbid meddling of conscience with an immaterial matter betokened , it is to be feared, no genuine and steadfast penitence, but something doubtful, something that might be deeply wrong beneath.
15 Money and status of conscience tend to degenerate, and if we do not even have to give up affection, then we really have nothing.
16 If all the world hated you, and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved you, absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends.
17 I had now plenty of water and good things to eat, and my conscience, which had smitten me hard for my desertion, was quieted by the great conquest I had made.
18 There is a kind of investigative reporting - specifically, the kind that reveals poverty, inequality and social injustice - that aspires to awaken the civic conscience by means of shock therapy.
19 The infliction of cruelty with a good conscience is a delight to moralists. That is why they invented Hell.
20 Joy of living spouts from a clean conscience.
21 If the public option is in there, as a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote because I believe the debt can break America," he said.
22 So the Bible includes norms for human behavior set by the divine will, even though enforcement has to be left to the individual conscience.
23 ye sin so against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, ye sin against Christ.
24 At the trial he said over and over that he had done it to settle his conscience, but nobody listened to him.
25 He has been stalked by the fear and the condemnation of his conscience.
26 Nikolay had been the only one in danger, the countess had fancied (and had suffered some pricks of conscience on the subject) that she loved her elder son better than the other children.
27 I feel the pricks of conscience.
28 temptation was warring with his conscience.
29 For if they did, the answer would be "no", and perhaps their conscience will finally force them to act.
30 our conscience.