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1 This paper analyzes the connotations of sustainable development, and then dissects the system characteristics from the definition of sustainable development.
2 The word is ambiguous and tied up with too many emotional connotations driven by guilt and what you think school work should feel like (e.g., tiring, boring, painful).
3 What strange connotations the eggplant has inspired!
4 The franchising product, carrying many connotations, is a carrier to convey the spirit of the Expo, not only a simple product.
5 since every character has a meaning, translators must also seek to avoid those characters with negative or weird connotations.
6 names that are difficult to pronounce seem to have negative connotations?
7 He formed his own offshoot of the Ku Klux Klan which he later renamed the White Patriot Party because, as he later wrote, the Klan carried too many negative connotations.
8 A tuft of flowers have deep modernism connotations.
9 This essay endeavours to explore the artistic conception of prose, its essential connotations and its differences from those of poems.
10 Partys three generations of leaders always attach great importance to the aims of education, who timely enrich and develop the connotations of the aims to meet the changing needs of the age.
11 Most other accents — such as Texan or Australian — carry strong regional connotations, which can be positive or negative, depending on your brand.
12 the text's diction. Consider the denotation, connotations, and etymological roots of all words in the text.
13 CNN: You spoke at the TED MED conference about the negative connotations of the term "disabled."
14 darkness of black generally has negative connotations in dream interpretation.
15 Although the term "file sharing" has all sorts of ugly connotations, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
16 Over the decades it has lost its negative connotations and is now taken as a necessity of survival.
17 Winter was not until I read the "our holiday" this book, became aware of the Dragon Boat Festival has a profound cultural connotations.
18 As I wrote earlier, the idea of the "self-made person" is at odds with its moral connotations.
19 negative connotations of red are rage, emergency, and anger, which stem from the passionate and aggressive qualities of red.
20 Although the term blogging holds connotations as almost simplistic and unprofessional, it doesn't mean anything different than writing for the web.
21 expand bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the areas of humanities and enrich the connotations of partnership of good-neighborliness and mutual trust.
22 As people ponder on the rich connotations and charms of these Chinese characters, a "New Beijing" has thus been brought forward.
23 deepen bilateral cultural and educational exchanges, enrich cooperation connotations and well implement bilateral agreement on cultural cooperation.
24 Both sides should advance the exchanges and cooperation in all areas in an all-round manner and continuously enrich the connotations of bilateral strategic partnership.
25 Both sides should strengthen friendly exchanges between research institutions, think tanks and media, expand regional and people-to-people contacts and enrich connotations of bilateral ties.
26 Synonyms can have slightly different connotations.
27 But as Stuart Carroll, a professor of history at York University, points out in his entertaining look at France’s Guise family, “the word toleration lacked the positive connotations it has today.”
28 The ancient Hindu term yoni has achieved some currency today, and has respectful, even worshipful connotations.
29 However, the word patria also implies a very strong moral and political pathos in Machiavelli's vocabulary, even if translating the word as' fatherland 'conjures up rather sinister connotations.
30 Perhaps because I'm not very good at accepting compliments, or perhaps because I've been thinking about honesty lately... and I've decided that I don't like the word and its connotations.