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1 However, there are limitations when sharing connections.
2 Some officials claimed to unhook connections with the companies but still maintained close ties on the sly.
3 This is because all database access is performed using one of several common Shared connections from the connection pool.
4 nutshell, you open the XML schema file, establish a database connection, and then use the mouse to draw connections from XML elements and attributes to relational columns.
5 The brain learns by adjusting the number and strength of these connections.
6 The pixels are then built into displays by embedding them and their electrical connections in a sheet of another polymer, this time a transparent and flexible one.
7 PARIS - the British Parliament on Thursday approved plans to crack down on digital media piracy by authorizing the suspension of repeat offenders' Internet connections.
8 When a failure happens on one server, then this standby adapter takes over all connections from the other server.
9 It means the Web connects us, as people, to each one of the individuals online; and those connections, ultimately, extend from one of us to all of us.
10 We know that a form of selection occurs within our brains as we develop and learn - synaptic connections and pathways that work well are reinforced, whereas weak ones deteriorate.
11 It should accept connections only on the localhost interface.
12 My suggestion is to free yourself from rigid notes, and instead write down ideas in branches and connections.
13 I wasn't even a grizzled industry veteran sitting on piles of insider connections and impressive testimonials.
14 Therefore, if the browser session has two connections already, any further connection requests have to wait until one of the two connections is finished.
15 The University of Leuven in Belgium is a world centre in banana research due to its colonial connections with Africa.
16 problem was solved (for switches) by creating a protocol that detects loops in an Ethernet network and prunes connections until the loops are gone.
17 The connections between the spherical gaps in the sponge are then enlarged, using a technique called electropolishing to dissolve the surface layer of the metal.
18 In-use connection count: The number of connections currently in use.
19 For bindings connections, you should look for maybe 4 to 5 threads per processor.
20 Laughter.) But if anybody has any connections to the Boston press, as well as national press, Sergeant Crowley would be happy for you to stop trampling his grass.
21 It also helps you to assign connections to connection groups.
22 Baboons most often form close bonds with relatives, the researchers said, and the stability of those connections is partly a matter of luck since lions and leopards often prey upon baboons.
23 For example, if one of two private network connections fails, VCS has the remaining network connection and the disk heartbeat region that allow heartbeats to continue normally.
24 Telecommunication connections are being reestablished but 1,732 telecom stations still can't be accessed.
25 The computational overhead for setting up and running SSL connections is simply too high for some wireless applications.
26 Finally, disk access speed impacts the number of database connections and the speed of database and view openings.
27 If all the databases for all the features are on one database server, ensure that it can handle at least 50 connections.
28 With faster Internet connections and accredited institutions embracing online education, a lot has changed since then.
29 He notes, though, that one who had possible connections - Omar Awadh - may not have been interrogated by the F.B.I..
30 Any interactive connections to the database require you to enter your credentials. For more information, see the database Privileges section.