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confronting in a sentence

1. When confronting a crime scene at face value.

2. Upon confronting Mrs.

3. After confronting him, John kills him.

4. The task confronting Pearson was formidable.

5. Confronting China.

6. improving health and confronting HIV/AIDS;

7. Thus, confronting them while holding a gun.

8. In confronting the computers, Prof.

9. Confronting the fan, Burroughs tripped.

10. in the hotel while confronting Fong.

11. Confronting both them over what she has heard.

12. Confronting his wife, Crawford shoots her.

13. to confronting over Syria, Iraq and the Levant.

14. After confronting him, he hits her.

15. confronting their past and each other.

16. They were engaged regularly confronting Gen.

17. upon confronting Kris, Peter fires her.

18. We're confronting G20 policies, not police."

19. While confronting them, Joshua appears.

20. Both involved his character confronting Shawn.

21. Confronting Dylan, Liz divorces him.

22. confronting social change;

23. Yet the words are quite confronting.

24. After confronting the count, he kills Helen.

25. John finally confronting him about the murders.

26. He went on confronting the Mellistas;

27. They can also be confronting and provocative."

28. Two confronting birds.

29. confronting legendary foes;

30. He's peaceful, even when confronting an enemy.