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No. sentence
1 Do your job well, and avoid confrontations at all costs.
2 But photographs of Qian's head and torso, mangled under the back tyre of the truck, spread across the Internet, followed by images of confrontations between villagers and police in anti-riot gear.
3 Bottom-up reform cannot be resisted because it requires no negotiations, avoids confrontations, and it spreads like an unstoppable plague.
4 Until now, ministers have largely come through confrontations unscathed but after this weekend, facing an opposition with fresh energy, the pace will accelerate and the tone will be sharper.
5 Disputes concerning blockades and neutral trade could escalate into ugly confrontations with neutral states.
6 National newspapers covered it in detail, including dramatic confrontations between Darrow and Bryan both in and out of the courtroom.
7 That won't solve the territorial disputes, but it should make confrontations less likely.
8 change is an apparent attempt at preventing small protests from escalating into confrontations between villagers and paramilitary forces, whose presence would sometimes inflame tensions.
9 He recalls confrontations, additional interrogations in the middle of the night, and brutal beatings.
10 violence is steadily escalating: smashed Windows and looted stores have led to the arson of vehicles and buildings and mass confrontations with riot police.
11 Khrushchev was known in the United States for his confrontations with Kennedy and Nixon, but as Cold War Soviets went, he was a reformer and a fascinating character.
12 Since then, mutual enmity, expressed in military confrontations, ACTS of sabotage and a steady stream of invective, has ripened into a broader strategic rivalry.
13 According to reports, the confrontations were continuing as officers battled to corral them.
14 You constantly replay past confrontations, conversations and situations in your head.
15 Since the West is the principal source of the investment and technology that Russia needs, there is no room for pointless confrontations.
16 Similar mass arrests have since taken place in Chicago and Oakland, although it's unclear whether those cities saw donation bumps following these confrontations.
17 There have been instances of field commanders colluding with with others to avoid confrontations on the front lines.
18 Don't try to force someone to seek treatment, which could lead to angry confrontations.
19 On the anniversary of his election, he is busy with unpleasant confrontations with reality.
20 it is not a way to avoid necessary confrontations or conflict (i.e. friction which eventually results in a better situation).
21 Being drunk has lead to more confrontations with law enforcement than ever needed to occur.
22 A family setting is when people often let their guard down, which can lead to ugly confrontations.
23 confrontations were compounded by the fact that not one “of the many documents published to date by all sides reveals any serious discussion of a diplomatic option by any of the parties.
24 Arguments with relatives may lead to a split in the family. Avoid any confrontations with colleagues.
25 The German-born empress was ruthless enough to have engaged Russia in a number of military confrontations and succeeded in considerably increasing Russia's territories.
26 The parties still have quite a few differences, sometimes even confrontations, with regard to the scope and means of nuclear abandonment, nuclear freezing and corresponding measures.
27 This reputation raised the expectation that jobs would be cut on a similar scale in mining, and confrontations between MacGregor and the leader of the miners, Arthur Scargill, seemed inevitable.
28 Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister deposed in a coup in 2006, called on his followers to stage a “revolution”. After violent confrontations, the protests wound down.
29 Small contingents of officers could be seen following behind but there were no signs of any confrontations or arrests.
30 of the allures of parenting services is they help avert some of the exasperating confrontations of childrearing.