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1 He responds: "it's important because we are its legates, and if we question nothing from that costly conflict, then we need question nothing in conflicts of the present and future."
2 But as the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya all demonstrate, this is precisely the world we inhabit.
3 Salim Salim says regional conflicts are undermining all progress.
4 These task force nominees were reviewed for potential conflicts of interest, approved by the APA Board of Trustees, and announced in 2007.
5 Config service will set up log directories and properly resolve port conflicts.
6 Private television is still dominated by Mr Berlusconi. He is still Italy's richest man, still beset by conflicts of interest, still unfit, even if he were a great reformer, to rule Italy.
7 We will experience their firsttraining session, the conflicts and relationships they may develop with thepolice and other offenders at the club.
8 Since then people have ridiculed the prediction by pointing to current conflicts both within societies and between them.
9 Like other idealistic foreign ministers before him (eg, Robin Cook in Britain), he sees himself as a healer to the world: no conflicts, no oppressed people, leave him indifferent.
10 When conflicts erupt, it seeks to get all parties to commit to observing the rules by way of special agreements.
11 These conflicts can be resolved by using different context roots for each version.
12 goal of this article is to identify the most common causes of resource conflicts and to provide mechanisms to avoid or resolve them.
13 The fallout from such conflicts isn't hard to find: Most everyone knows of couples who have quarreled over pets, or even divorced, because her spaniel nipped at his Rottweiler.
14 this dialogue going right from the start, Daniels suggests, so that any mixed signals or potential conflicts can be sorted out early.
15 There are differences in some aspects, but no fundamental conflicts of interests between the two countries.
16 Worst of all will be the Russians' efforts to create new conflicts in 2009.
17 Coordinate schedules. If you go with a friend, plan schedules ahead of time so there won't be conflicts that keep one of you from going.
18 Hospitals and their staff must be regarded by all parties - particularly combatants during conflicts - as neutral and must not be subjected to any form of violence.
19 Once you have conflicts, it is also your decision when and how you want to resolve them.
20 But on the management of conflicts the report seeks overhaul rather than reinforcement.
21 Increased schooling created a more stable society, less prone to the conflicts that have raged elsewhere in Central America.
22 If the international role of an international currency like US dollar conflicts with its domestic role, how should we explain and analyze.
23 Without honesty, your best efforts to resolve conflicts will be wasted because you will not understand each other well enough to find mutually acceptable solutions.
24 If a person at work is extremely competent in his job, but nobody wants to work with her because she is unable to interact with others, there is a risk of problems and conflicts in the office.
25 The most desirable solution is to avoid these conflicts altogether so that resolution during a disaster recovery implementation effort is not required.
26 This provides the opportunity to see if there are conflicts because older changes on the primary may not fit well with new changes on the standby.
27 If it's not possible to commit the merged code back to the trunk frequently, test runs can determine if any merge conflicts will occur so that merges are less painful when they are committed.
28 But we don't talk about these conflicts in terms of deeply rooted attachment needs.
29 It also provides a variety of tools and methods for resolving conflicts.
30 In the past ten years, conflicts over digital citizenship, global electronic commerce, and rights to new information products and services have strained an already fragile legal system.