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conflation in a sentence

1. It is derived from a Gothic name, or a conflation of several Gothic names;

2. Herennianus may be a conflation of Hairan and Herodianus;

3. The conflation helped to form the English meaning.

4. likewise, some argue for the conflation of Jianbi and Nongyu.

5. modern performances are usually a conflation of the versions available.

6. A good example of this conflation is Oh My Goddess!

7. However, the conflation is viewed critically by practitioners.

8. Oates, leading to the conflation.

9. The symbol ⟨ᵿ⟩, a conflation of ⟨ʊ⟩

10. 'Vatira' is a conflation of 'Atira' with the 'v' of 'Venus'.

11. There also seems to be some conflation between the selkie and finfolk.

12. Conflation between the two subjects was high;

13. The conflation expresses both of these ideas at the same time.

14. Idiom conflation has been used as a source of humor in certain situations.

15. This process became known as "conflation".

16. Matthew's conflation of the two ideas is thus possible.

17. The name was chosen as a conflation of "chess" and "Go".

18. This is sometimes referred to as image-to-vector conflation.

19. ... There has to be conflation of events.

20. The latter is a 15th century conflation with a different dish.

21. This conflation of two very different techniques has led to confusion.

22. But this sexual awakening is a conflation of sex and death.

23. Much of this conflation has resulted from changes in meaning.

24. Conflation may also refer to:

25. However, phonetically these are a conflation of tone and final consonant;

26. It involves a conflation and compression of time.

27. Tindale noted and criticised the conflation.

28. This conflation can be anti-Semitic.

29. It thus may be, a conflation of two or more peoples origin narratives.

30. This savings is called conflation.