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No. sentence
1 I followed him around for the rest of the conference and watched as many of his testing sessions as I could.
2 We therefore welcome the reports of the London Jobs Conference and the Rome Social Summit and the key principles they proposed.
3 Jubilant and gracious in victory, she gave her first news conference in 18 months, talked of the congratulations she received from friends and foes alike, and reciprocated them.
4 So, just as in a software project, we have a conference call with all the stakeholders.
5 The conference room reeked of tobacco smoke.
6 The conference underscored the importance of modern industry.
7 annual conference in Buenos Aires this summer bustled with discussions about the numbers and how the movement can attract a wider class of participants.
8 So that it is good as there is not so much pressure, but if there is no pressure from public opinion, the conference will not deliver as much.
9 The figures were released by its marketing director, Ana Lopez, at a news conference opening its annual cigar festival.
10 The secretary abruptly left the conference room.
11 The conference formally opened on June 24.
12 As for rewriting nuclear rules, some governments will resist using the NPT conference to strengthen the badly weakened treaty on the ground that the nuclear powers have still not done enough.
13 He recapitulated the resolution demanding better conditions which had been passed in the conference.
14 It's the first sale of COMBATREDI, which the company rolled out at a simulation and training conference last December.
15 B: I do. I have telephone conference almost every night.
16 My second conclusion relates directly to the topic of this conference.
17 Then after arriving in London tomorrow afternoon, he will give a joint press conference with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, to repeat calls for regulatory measures.
18 arrived in Moscow, I got on a conference call with my staff, David Kendall, and Hillary, who was still in Washington, to discuss what we should do.
19 This conference is the first of its kind held on the soil of Afghanistan.
20 This conference would be an ideal forum in which to press the Japanese to remove their remaining restrictions.
21 My collision with Nesta was not the cause of my problem, it was just an incident which helped me discover what I had," Gattuso told reporters at a press conference.
22 Before the conference, American Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer said biofuels play only a small part in higher food prices.
23 The conference will recess till tomorrow morning.
24 Several months later, when she was unexpectedly introduced to such a scientist at a conference, she launched into her pitch, and a collaboration was born.
25 May 5th the newspaper of the Catholic bishops’ conference openly criticised Mr Berlusconi, declaring that the “human fabric” of which a leader was made was “not irrelevant”.
26 Since the bad guys are already doing it, he told a spam-fighting conference in Amsterdam in June, the good guys should do it too, in order to develop more secure designs.
27 On another occasion, at an international student conference in Amsterdam, conducted in English, the lone British representative was asked to be "less English" so that the others could understand her.
28 You know: ‘How could they put such rubbish in the conference?
29 That is why this weekend's conference and attempts to reopen the stalled world trade talks are so important.
30 For example, the meeting content has a variety of conference facilities and products beyond the base pack.