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No. sentence
1 That means conforming to office norms about dress and conduct and even small things like how phones are answered or how meetings are run.
2 Most plastics do not readily conduct electricity.
3 Most plastics do not readily conduct heat or electricity.
4 Most engineering disciplines address the issue of ethical conduct by practitioners.
5 dean tasked me to conduct experiments with new teaching methods.
6 Yunnan, was sentenced to jail for 9 years in 2001 for robbery, intentional injury and vandalism, and was set free earlier for good conduct in 2006.
7 CDPF shall undertake tasks entrusted by the government, conduct work for disabled persons and mobilize social forces in developing undertakings for disabled persons.
8 His conduct roused the suspicion of the police.
9 He should learn how to conduct a meeting.
10 Her conduct displeased her family.
11 Your conduct will seriously reflect upon your future.
12 Actors may hire agents to conduct their affairs.
13 He said that students should be wary if asked to conduct an interview over QQ or other chat programs, and that students should conduct proper research about the company before their interviews.
14 We continue to conduct tests, but increasingly, we conduct long conversations with her, acutely aware that our creation will raise many ethical questions on the part of the public.
15 Despite numerous failures, they continued to conduct the experiment without flagging.
16 They say NATO should conduct more visible exercises to rehearse the response to threats at home, and improve the ability of bases and ports to receive NATO reinforcements.
17 No action was taken, so we feel an independent agency which can conduct the probe quickly should be in charge of this case.
18 He was cashiered for conduct injurious to the reputation of a soldier.
19 A particular idea mentioned in the novel in last night's reading coincided with an idea from Cohen - we should care about the motives behind conduct that is subjectively and objectively desirable.
20 Any conduct harmful to the public interest must not be permitted.
21 conduct needful readjustment in proportion to that the information of the result feedback check the entire design's process well or bad, pursuantly finish up the design task.
22 In common life, however, when we judge of any person's conduct, and of the sentiments which directed it, we constantly consider them under both these aspects.
23 is not unlawful for a company to gain control of a market. It becomes unlawful if the company engages in conduct to exclude or harm competitors with no business justification.
24 To help reach these goals, she must design and conduct experiments to determine which molecules are involved in the enhancement process, and how they interact.
25 Maintaining function is a support function which ensures that proper standards of conduct and ethics are upheld and that quality is maintained.
26 Conduct workshops so curious fans can learn more and talk to you in the flesh.
27 This sort of conduct hardly becomes a gentleman.
28 She was affronted at his conduct.
29 This characteristic finds an echo in business conduct.
30 Never had I got a prize at school except once for good conduct.