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conducive in a sentence

1. The clay soil in the area was conducive to brick making.

2. It's really conducive for ambushing.

3. English policy was not conducive to its purpose.

4. He found the atmosphere there conducive to creative efforts;

5. this arrangement was to make it conducive to study.

6. It's not an environment conducive to child development."

7. Certain vegetation may be conducive to paralysis ticks.

8. The hostel provides a conducive environment for studies.

9. It provides a spacious and conducive learning environment.

10. Some breeds of cattle are more conducive than others.

11. In particular a linear molecular geometry was conducive.

12. Hemp is conducive to being organically grown and labelled.

13. Improved agriculture production was not conducive to peace;

14. Also, it would be conducive to large families.

15. but abstention is conducive to great rewards.

16. However happiness is not conducive for him to write.

17. The nature of the terrain is conducive to good drainage.

18. Conducive campus environment.

19. it has pits and peaks that are not conducive to cooking.

20. Alabama was particularly conducive to growing cotton;

21. Early hand pruning was conducive to orchids.

22. Conditions in Hawaii in 1878 were conducive to immigration.

23. As it did, it also entered conducive conditions.

24. Brown provided a most conducive atmosphere and workspace.

25. Her worship is ultimately conducive to salvation.

26. This is prominently conducive to the local region.

27. That is conducive to legal certainty.

28. Fresh air is conducive to health.

29. Exercise is conducive to good health.

30. All these are conducive to better interchanges.