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No. sentence
1 No conclusion should be drawn before all the facts are buttoned down.
2 You arrived at your conclusion using the methods of formal logic.
3 One unfortunate conclusion of all this about making decisions and decisiveness as a leader is that very rarely you have a complete knowledge.
4 In conclusion, Indians can make wonderful, inexpensive employees provided you put them to the job they will do best in.
5 conclusion was that the paintings, still in their crates, had ended up in the trash, he said.
6 Looking at these maps, though, you can imagine how surprising that conclusion might have been to many residents of Mexico, the United States, central Canada, Sweden, or northern Russia.
7 Suggestions on improving parental quality for children's education in Yuxi are provided based on the conclusion as well as the actual practice of the family education of the local parents.
8 Then they back that conclusion with a bet.
9 I wonder who makes this decision and how they come to their conclusion.
10 We both arrived at the same conclusion.
11 You should not jump at conclusion.
12 Every paper should have an introduction and conclusion, but these should not mirror each other.
13 What do we make of this conclusion?
14 Disagree with our conclusion?
15 What is my conclusion?
16 So if the premises are true then the conclusion must be true.
17 But I can understand why one might come to that conclusion.
18 Tell me of this is the conclusion.
19 But his conclusion is they do not use language in that way, and I would not argue with that.
20 If that premise is true then that conclusion is false.
21 My second conclusion relates directly to the topic of this conference.
22 We identified the premises and the conclusion what do we do next?
23 Student: yes Prof. : yes if these premises are true then this conclusion must be true.
24 What must be our conclusion?
25 Whereas these are conclusion reason to believe that.
26 Of course, there are many Zen stories, all of which point toward the inevitable conclusion that, simply put, you are IT.
27 From there, you can reach your own conclusion and contribute your own ideas.
28 At the conclusion of the evaluation run, you should gather and evaluate the utilization levels for all four resources.
29 And you might ask yourself, why should an argument that has a false conclusion be an useful argument. Mind at good argument.
30 I mean I am sorry your conclusion.