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1 The modeling of methane hydrate is frankly in its infancy," but it seems "robust to conclude" that mankind could "melt a significant fraction of the methane hydrates in the ocean," they wrote.
2 One of the classic studies in the field of psychology showed fake playing cards to users to see how they responded (a red 5 of spades, for example). Here is what the authors conclude.
3 Should we conclude therefore that,? No, you should always be thinking about the facts about death?
4 We conclude this paper with a set of principles for effectively applying it governance.
5 would not be fair to conclude from any of this that the Kremlin is guilty as charged.
6 Finally to adapt an expression with which you're probably familiar I'll conclude simply by saying that the road to reality is paved with your intentions be they good or bad.
7 Neutral observers could reasonably conclude that they are just the latest salvos in a longstanding "starve the beast" strategy.
8 With this, we conclude our series of articles on this subject.
9 These features are full topics in and of themselves, so I must conclude by briefly touching only on the most popular of them: versioning.
10 If it is sleeping quietly next to him he can conclude that the voices talking to him are a hallucination not the real thing.
11 From this benchmark, we can conclude that the best way to take maximum benefit from this kind of cluster is to partition our job or application.
12 If this cost per active 15-minute user stays flat, but the total CPU line goes up (or down), we can conclude that this is a workload or a capacity related issue.
13 broad working masses were undaunted, and persisted in their struggle with the result that the Qing government did not dare to conclude a new treaty with the imperialists.
14 She has one degree from Britain and is about to conclude another in her native Spain.
15 I conclude this introduction to JCSP with a simple example that demonstrates the use of JCSP guards to facilitate non-determinism in concurrent applications.
16 This combined with the need to commence and conclude projects are very essential to a PM's job, and also make it different from the other enterprise management roles.
17 Work at the original Brazilian PAR sites will commence in 2008 and conclude approximately five years later.
18 XML is read easily enough, but after examining the result, you conclude that you need to parse everything between tags.
19 Now a number of these scientists are arguing that future geologists observing this moment in the Earth's progress will conclude that something very odd was going on.
20 Since almost everybody pays the fee, the corporation has tended to conclude that it should aim to please as many people as possible.
21 It involves knowing what can be proven directly, what is a legitimate implication derived from the facts, and what is fair to conclude from the historical record.
22 As you conclude the discussion, ask about the next steps in the hiring process.
23 is how it would work.Since a eurozone treaty establishing a common Treasury would take a long time to conclude, in the interim the member states have to appeal to the ECB to fill the vacuum.
24 The researchers conclude that, on average, our friends and loved ones have much the same view of our personalities as we do.
25 review of events I have just provided, I think we can conclude that WHO is effective, sometimes strikingly so, in some areas.
26 They find several critters that can survive only in clean water, and conclude that the pond is in good shape.
27 We will conclude by summarizing when to apply and when not to apply the data federation pattern and to list important constraints.
28 treaty Egypt signed at Camp David in 1979 made it harder for Israel's smaller Arab neighbours to go to war, encouraging Jordan to conclude its own peace deal and Palestinians to try to do so.
29 Diplomatic clout decides which countries conclude treaties with others, and on what terms.
30 basis of the S&P downgrade and the CDS spreads, it would be tempting to conclude that Ukraine has enormous sovereign debts that it will struggle to pay this year.