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1 This matter concerns all of us.
2 To be successful selling to them, you have to cater to their emotions and concerns more than ever before, even when selling products that men traditionally buy.
3 Most AOP practitioners are currently implementing transactional and authorization concerns with existing AOP support, typically through the use of design patterns utilizing aspect inheritance.
4 This shows you where you are spending your testing time and what types of concerns you are looking for.
5 Despite Mr Guan's concerns, which are often voiced in Beijing, analysts said that China had little choice but to recycle its vast foreign currency reserves into dollar-denominated assets.
6 Although they pose no direct military threat, this attitude would tend to justify defense concerns and the development of weapons with which to confront them.
7 other distortion concerns how much consumers have to spend.
8 Separation and integration of engineering concerns.
9 The shift toward cloud computing tends to mix developer and operational concerns ...
10 It does not fully resolve our concerns, but it gives us a set of basic principles on which to move forward.
11 It concerns what the system will do, but not how that will be implemented.
12 Who will oppose your initiative? What concerns will they have? What form will their opposition take?
13 Despite the strides made in our understanding and treatment of mental illness in the past two decades, many mental health concerns are still misunderstood and stigmatized.
14 But her real legacy was to pioneer greenery as a marketing tool, and bring the harnessing of environmental and ethical concerns into the business mainstream, for good or ill.
15 The only hope in blocking this merger now would have to come from the NYSE shareholders, who have just now started to raise concerns about the NYSE's intransigence on the matter.
16 hours ticked by slowly. My husband and I made numerous phone calls to try and determine their location and relay our medical concerns.
17 If the answer is' yes', please keep reading, especially if you have stayed away from chocolate because of health concerns or feel guilty for giving in to your cravings.
18 Yes, there are other concerns that surround it — children, money — but it's not the core of the relationship.
19 Critics have plenty of other concerns.
20 But there remain concerns about the increase in 'net' flows, and whether adequate flows are being directed towards crucial regions, such as Africa.
21 Then, as now, there were concerns about what a growing China meant to America and the world.
22 Such concerns have blocked new drilling in Alaska's Arctic waters since 2003, despite a steep decline in oil production in the state and intensive lobbying by oil companies.
23 But that is the whole point of separation of concerns that we have discussed throughout these columns.
24 Also, an inherent conflict of interest, political and organizational concerns, pride of authorship, and other factors may influence this measurement.
25 If you ever have questions or concerns about your weight, talk it over with your doctor.
26 Do you have any questions or particular concerns today?
27 Instead, it should reside in its own project or in a project that aggregates a number of other common concerns.
28 So today, I ask you to join us, to be a part of this solution, an issue that brings together so many of our concerns.
29 Separation of concerns.
30 Integration of concerns.