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No. sentence
1 You may skip through a book, reading only those passages concerned.
2 We're liaisoning with the department concerned so as to solve the problem as soon as possible.
3 Shareholders, who should be concerned, do not appear to mind.
4 He thinks the next big meeting, in cancun, Mexico, a year after the Copenhagen summit, is now dead as far as setting targets to cut greenhouse gases - aka mitigation - are concerned.
5 Mr Crane is not the only one who is concerned.
6 It will use some vector operations, but we will only be concerned with one value within each register — the others we will simply ignore.
7 They applaud the Republican candidate and don't seem too concerned when his mentions of Mr Obama elicit boos from the audience in Arizona.
8 Another problem between the United States and Canada at that time concerned the border along the state of Maine.
9 Several officials said they were particularly concerned that the graffiti had extended beyond gang markers, suggesting a broader group of offenders who consider more of their community a canvas.
10 According to a brief Augusta later filed, he was concerned that she was “hostile to God”.
11 This leads to two distinct patterns you should be concerned with — the managed resource pattern and the managed task pattern.
12 me, the biggest surprise, although I was very concerned in 2003, I was concerned before that, I was surprised it lasted to 2007.
13 approval of WSDM as an OASIS standard is of interest to all three groups, as well as industry analysts concerned with systems management or Web services.
14 Although I would later be criticized for some of the pardons I granted, I was more concerned by a few I didn't grant.
15 These methodologies, however, are not directly concerned with how and why a business need has emerged.
16 Watson said the team will be especially concerned with how the pipe and tethered balloon or balloons will behave in different types of weather systems.
17 Attached Aries won't have to be concerned about this, because you know your partner better.
18 We cannot love anything except in terms of ourselves, and when we put out friends above ourselves we are only concerned with our own taste and pleasure.
19 They are concerned with others, but in a negative way, and in the end will only have their own righteousness to live with, and that's a horrible companion.
20 And when I nipped to the loo, my urine was blood-coloured. Though concerned, I decided to wait to see the doctor the following day.
21 If you're concerned about your bone health or your risk factors for osteoporosis, consult your doctor.
22 Passengers from Greece, where peanut allergy is rather rare, might have been more concerned about the melon in the fruit salad.
23 Everybody is concerned about the future of his country.
24 If you see a photograph of a person expressing arrogance, I, personally, would be concerned.
25 As far as the Olive Salad is concerned I am sure there are as many recipes as there are recreations of this sandwich.
26 is itself an absurd phenomenon, and we are concerned merely with its description.
27 He is adamant that universities should be as concerned with practical as theoretical innovation and has championed collaboration with manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce.
28 If this news makes you concerned that they might not be sharing, use a license that requires them to share.
29 More than two students have been concerned in this affair.
30 They are concerned with the training curriculum, but not the details of each course.