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No. sentence
1 Fertility rates in many European nations and Japan have dropped below the replacement rate, causing concern that shortages of labor and productivity could threaten the quality of life.
2 Another common concern for users of dynamic analysis tools is knowing if they invoked the majority of actions in the applications.
3 This first appeared in a summit communiqué in September, to the delight of France and the concern of Britain.
4 Some observers expressed their concern that China would use the East Asia Summit to expand its influence in this region. Do you deem the concern reasonable?
5 However, the rise of obesity is a major public health concern around the world, and one which we share, and the Jenny Craig acquisition allows us to help many of our consumers.
6 With growing concern about the security of food supply and the signs of an emerging global land grab, the attraction of farmland as an investment is clear.
7 another, bigger, circle - the 'circle of concern' - containing things we have some interest in, but most of this is beyond our ability to influence.
8 And I share this concern.
9 A: I understand your concern over that case, but I think only the judicial authorities can answer your question, if they will.
10 Perhaps the present concern with the values of liberal arts education portends an intellectual anemia.
11 One concern that teams might have with this approach is that putting constraints on the environment can slow the development team down.
12 In our world, we do not have to concern ourselves with the handling of system memory because PHP handles that for us.
13 As for people who love us but whom we do not love, we may be indifferent, or at least would not harbor such a deep overall concern.
14 I have some concern when you write about "the tactics this man used" with you, though, because it sounds as if you or the authors of the book think that he was deliberately abusing you.
15 The usual impulse would be to protect the most vulnerable. But in this case, it seems, everyone needs concern, even the abuser.
16 The concern, of course, was hardly disinterested.
17 Another concern, for NASDAQ shareholders, is that in taking the cash-equities bit of NYSE Euronext it would be greatly increasing its exposure to the least promising bit of the exchange business.
18 Infections and other postoperative complications are also a serious concern around the world.
19 also expressed concern over privacy issues, saying couples were running the risk of their intimate pictures being sold or put online by unscrupulous photographers.
20 But they would lecture me with loving concern, which was worse than being scolded.
21 public's concern over high sodium intake is justifiable," Dr.Lin wrote in a 1978 memo.
22 Their concern has pricked the House of Commons media committee to look at whether the law needs changing: it is due to report shortly.
23 We will closely stir our concern about the situation.
24 Crime and environmental damage associated with the bases were of especial concern, he said.
25 There's also concern that fat dripping from meat onto hot coals, stones or burners creates additional carcinogens called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
26 Although it is famine that has forced so many people into Mogadishu for assistance, the growing concern is that those who make it here may be as likely to die of disease as starvation.
27 new practices and the focus on one team try to address that concern.
28 Crafting just the right level of concern requires a delicacy of touch.
29 Leaders might swear in public to work together, but at home they continue to wall off their own economies against immediate dangers-with no concern for the consequences next door.
30 His biographers have conjectured that Hughes's hypochondria began in childhood, with his mother's excessive concern for his health.