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1 yes and no, while conceptually it is like an Interface, it does not have to be statically defined.
2 With this change, we make the model conceptually correct, and we do not need to duplicate the application projects from one release to another anymore.
3 Conceptually, the entire business from first customer contact, through completion of the work and payment of the bill, represents a single, macro-level unit of work, with a lifetime of days to weeks.
4 Parts of the EU are now mature enough to understand, at least conceptually, that there is not much money around.
5 Writing a test-cleanup aspect to automatically reset aspects like the one in the example after each test is conceptually simple, but the details are beyond the scope of this article.
6 Among projects, it can be between business units and business partners within a value chain in a uniform and conceptually scalable manner.
7 you should try to create conceptually different types that will add readability and extendibility to your IDL.
8 these tree trunks were the chords and at the base of each of these chords at least conceptually, theoretically, is this thing called the root.
9 Conceptually reversing the transactions between the two systems provides a conceptual glue between the two interconnected systems.
10 Conceptually, a test fixture is meant to set up an environment before a test is executed and clean up when the test is complete.
11 These steps focus on conceptually simplifying the problem that you are tackling.
12 While NLTK comes with a number of corpora that have been pre-processed (often manually) to various degrees, conceptually each layer relies on the processing in the adjacent lower layer.
13 If empirical observation is incompatible with a model, the model must be trashed or amended, even if it is conceptually beautiful or mathematically convenient.
14 If you think about it conceptually, try to figure out, well, I got this board up here, this tapestry, or whatever, where's my melody going to be in the texture: high, middle or low? Michael?
15 you can conceptually divide technology and function of multimedia into control systems and information.
16 Although it may seem strange to compare FXG to CSS, FXG conceptually accomplishes the same exact thing as CSS: it separates the layout code from the style information.
17 Conceptually, we tried to develop the idea of a volume that resulted from the addition of several independent casings.
18 So conceptually, it was an easy thing to think about.
19 Conceptually, all applications that use D-BUS contain a set of objects, and messages are sent to and from specific objects — not applications — that are identified by an object path.
20 Strictly speaking, Commands are also conceptually part of the model.
21 Conceptually, it's just a matter of moving the arrows.
22 Conceptually, two operations create a data buffer under the conventional scheme: the creation of a data buffer entity and the allocation of actual memory.
23 Conceptually, a disjunction should involve two or more things, but no error is currently raised if there are fewer disjoins.
24 Conceptually, such a construct allows you to attach annotations to program elements in a crosscutting manner.
25 anyway, again, conceptually, we have, really, three different kinds of integrals.
26 module name or location change is conceptually similar to a class name change but must be handled quite differently.
27 Conceptually, rows of relational data (tuples) flow through the operation nodes in the query plan from bottom to top.
28 So, conceptually, a DSL solution includes two logical tiers: a data services orchestration tier that supports the referred to system process and a data integration tier.
29 Conceptually, an object storage system can be viewed as a flat namespace of objects and their associated metadata.
30 However, they quickly noticed that groups of patterns were conceptually related, much in the same way as Poodles and Golden Retrievers.