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No. sentence
1 Admitting that the gigantic and gloomy insurrection of June was composed of a wrath and of an enigma, one divined in the first barricade the dragon, and behind the second the sphinx.
2 The two teachers composed their disagreement and were soon the best of friends again.
3 The southwest hot-dry valley region, which is in the middle reaches of Jinsha River, is composed of parts of the regions of Pan-Xi and Chuxiong.
4 When he and the little girl met he read her from these carefully composed letters the imagined adventures of the beloved doll.
5 everyone’s life there is at least one love story, so is it any wonder that love is most commonly an inexhaustible subject of art works, whether written, composed or painted.
6 Composed method encapsulates the idea that all your methods should do one and only one thing, making them as small as possible.
7 Its “green bottle” is composed of switch grass, pine bark and corn husk.
8 The planet has a relatively thin atmosphere composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen.
9 It was composed of stringy filaments saturated with water, like the berries, and devoid of nourishment.
10 Richard Wagner composed his operas in a room with shades of violet, his color of inspiration.
11 The text file produced by the extraction process is composed of several audit records, each separated by a blank line.
12 Everything you photograph is composed of shapes. You cannot photograph a tree, you can only photograph a form and colour that conveys the visual information of a tree.
13 Silica aerogel is made by drying a hydrogel composed of colloidal silica in an extreme environment.
14 It is not composed, as in Europe, of great lords who possess everything, and of a herd of people who have nothing.
15 On the show (see the clip on YouTube), the beauty queen did a good job of grilling Kurzweil, but the comedian got the win: the music was composed by a computer.
16 ScienceDaily (Aug. 20, 2010) — The first incarnation of the web was composed of static websites that linked to each other and search engines to help you find sites of interest.
17 Classes can be composed of classes which themselves have parts, allowing you to hierarchically decompose a system to any arbitrary level.
18 One of them sang a song, which he said a musician had composed in his honor.
19 Every substance, no matter what it is, is composed of very small particles called molecules.
20 Snowflakes are composed of conglomerated ice crystals.
21 Like a naughty child chorus composed of no command, unrestrained, lively and mischievously!
22 The outer ear (the pinna) receives a single sound wave composed of different sounds.
23 Within the integration layer, SCA components can be composed by defining references and using wires, which we will focus on in this article.
24 Your skin is composed of two layers known as the epidermis and the dermis .
25 The home is largely composed of oak and limestone, keeping the steel and the concrete mostly hidden from view.
26 One user composed a convincing rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven," as well as Hans Zimmer's "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme song.
27 The pyramid structure would be composed of 55 smaller pyramids stacked five high.
28 The shells of these small crustaceans are composed of a unique carbohydrate, chitosan, that's a natural microbe fighter.
29 Preacher and the Slave”, a parodic hymn that Hill composed to “fan the flames of discontent”, is remembered, albeit with sepia-tinged nostalgia, as the signature tune of the Wobblies.
30 At one point, near to my house, the sea has actually composed an arched bridge of rock under which it roars into a deep open steep-sided enclosure beyond.