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No. sentence
1 specification participant can be realized by many concrete components that provide the services in a manner that realizes the contract and provides acceptable qualities of service.
2 can wire any reference of one component to any other component, provided the component's interface matches the interface required by th reference.
3 To prove that the new method actually does as stated, you will construct a simple application that only highlights the components needed for this function.
4 You should be able to support accurate planning and scheduling with the help of the architecture by analyzing the complexity and risk factors inherent in the components.
5 There are two main components to the plan, one targeting loans, the other securities.
6 though, let us look at the product itself and its main components.
7 In an eventually consistent model, not all of the system components have immediate access to the most accurate data.
8 When you upgrade the applications and operating systems on your servers, you upgrade all the components for all users in one effort.
9 By placing these components, as appropriate, throughout your network, you can ensure any attack must pass through one or more of these defenses.
10 This way, rendering tags will be generated for all or most of the host components on the host page, requiring you to do little or no work to add any missing host components.
11 This section describes options and requirements for each of the components.
12 Some of the more popular browsers include additional components to support Usenet news, IRC (Internet relay chat), and email.
13 It is important to note that the components can be anything: hardware, software, or people.
14 This arrangement is not as accommodating as wide horizontal folders with respect to components of varying size.
15 Which components should I test?
16 There are lots of systems that follow this pattern, where you write some modules / components in source code then describe how they are connected using an external config file.
17 Instead of having to learn every different way in which to configure a component, the new config system streamlines setting up your components.
18 Most simply, this component can be used to extract fields from a document and broadcast them to other components.
19 If one of these components fails to start because the connection is refused, the problem might be caused by firewall software running on the server's host.
20 The following steps describe the changes required to add components to customize shelf.
21 These amplifiers are key components in a complex Identification friend or foe (IFF) system used to interrogate aircraft to determine their friend or foe status.
22 All of the sources including code, documents, and configuration files should be divided into several components.
23 objective of this article is to describe how these components are integrated together and provide you with detailed documentation sources.
24 The next question is how to do anything with the components of an expression.
25 This service is offered by the designer host because components get created and destroyed through the host.
26 The size or layout (or both) of these components might not be optimal for mobile screens.
27 You can use operating system counters to help you understand how components outside of the database engine affect your data server.
28 In Part 2, we continue by describing references and wires, and show how to use them to assemble SCA components.
29 The floor and ceiling components are constructed out of glulam, the walls are constructed from a beam and post construction planked and insulated on both sides.
30 This means you should define your components to be used in contexts not yet thought of and should apply proper componentization principles to your design.