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No. sentence
1 If activity of any system component is increasing throughout the test run, the system has not reached steady state.
2 An innocent-looking component or even a bit of soldering can be a disguised antenna.
3 The SR can access the legacy directly through its underlying Service Realizer; in other words, the service component that realizes its functionality.
4 can wire any reference of one component to any other component, provided the component's interface matches the interface required by th reference.
5 Nonetheles, the interview highlights how deluded the President has become: "the first component of popular legitimacy is your personal life.".. I live a normal life.
6 If you have static content, use the HTML component.
7 Specifically, you need to create an instance variable for each dynamic component that you defined on the view.
8 essential component for all of these actions (stated explicitly in the last one) is the ability and the authority to make decisions.
9 NNTP Checker component gets the latest posts to a specified newsgroup on an NNTP server.
10 Instead of having to learn every different way in which to configure a component, the new config system streamlines setting up your components.
11 Most simply, this component can be used to extract fields from a document and broadcast them to other components.
12 The number of properties to broadcast can be set as an advanced component property.
13 The QA process, though often relegated to a secondary position in the production pipeline, is emphasized as a critical component of the development process.
14 But it will matter for their results. If pupils fail this component of the exams, they will not score higher than a D grade.
15 Its second job, once an expression has been deemed valid, is to break the input stream into its component pieces and deliver those to you in some useful fashion.
16 for each component we have to describe its mole fraction in that particular phase.
17 In this example, the component itself provides the measurement.
18 Select for each view component the corresponding instance variable.
19 There will be one interface partner for each interface on the component for which your process belongs.
20 application is a component of an overall solution; it can be a middleware component or an actual application.
21 It makes PCs harder - if not impossible - to upgrade, and it means if one component breaks - a graphic card, or the display - the whole thing's got to be hauled in to repair.
22 In very lightly loaded systems, pause times are an important component of response times, but the pause times become less and less important as the system becomes heavily loaded.
23 Although yoga includes physical exercise, it is also a lifestyle practice for which exercise is just one component.
24 There is no infrastructure logic in the business component.
25 silica in cucumber is an essential component of healthy connective tissue, which includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone.
26 Marissa Mayer, vice President of search products and user experience, believes that "innovation" and "continued improvement" is a key component in the search race.
27 That means some other component of demand must increase to compensate for the reduced consumption.
28 Validation is an especially important component of applications that employ and interact with other loosely coupled components, as well as services that may not be strict in their assertions.
29 They included skatole, a component of feces; trimethylamine, one of the essences of rotting fish; and several of the more pungent fatty acids that contribute to rancid human body odor, " Ed says.
30 Figure 2 is another panel of the demonstration application, containing more complex component types such as split panes, trees, and an editor pane showing HTML content.