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1 Members of a Community of Practice are practitioners.
2 At the end of the Transition phase, the project is evaluated against the following criterion: the method has been distributed to the practitioner community, and the practitioners are satisfied.
3 Q: How prevalent is infertility in the Maasai community?
4 Overpopulation is not only discussed among scientists, but also in the Maasai community.
5 He has offered to host a summit in London early next year to discuss how the international community should proceed.
6 Supriyah Shah is a student at George Washington University where she works in local community service while waiting for her Posting.
7 We want it to serve the whole community in Mumbai... to serve the poor.
8 At every level of the Justice Department, we are committed to improving partnerships with our federal law enforcement colleagues -and with leaders across the international law enforcement community.
9 Do you have the time to write the business plan for investor funding and to network within the community?
10 asset management team can extend these as they work closely with the respective communities; specifying the community map, the asset workflows, and the asset versioning policies.
11 I would like that community to respect me enough to keep giving me new ideas rather than insist I subscribe to an orthodoxy.
12 I know recruiters have been asking this question for a while, but from a community point of view - where are all the testers?
13 Also, elderly inmates without family or community ties have virtually no chance of parole, which is granted only for those with a reliable guardian.
14 I don't know if the sky is falling, but the challenge we face right now is quite severe," said Noah Brown, President of the Association of Community College Trustees.
15 The community offers advice on how to edit the sounds together properly.
16 nutshell, is Jobs' view of the relationship between Apple and its developer community.
17 Without question, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is the most powerful tool we have, as an international community, to reduce the global disease burden.
18 Community gardens are parcels of land divided into small plots for local residents to grow their own flowers, fruit and vegetables.
19 Several officials said they were particularly concerned that the graffiti had extended beyond gang markers, suggesting a broader group of offenders who consider more of their community a canvas.
20 Now, fifty years later, Jesse studied Sampson Ridge, where bulldozers razed woods for another gated community.
21 We share a desire to have our community thrive, improve the arts and culture, find ways to bring in more jobs," Moore said in an interview.
22 So today we hosted a community community call — recording and chat transcript here — to tackle the need for change and what it might mean for our sector.
23 One lure is to make sure consumers can use the online community to network among themselves on topics of their own choosing. That way the site isn't all about the company, it's also about them.
24 Its IM service has an array of interesting data that can be used to further build its online community.
25 Community tourism runs a couple of projects in a bid to promote community tourism in Kenya.
26 A danger of this organization template is that the respective community needs may be lost or misunderstood if asset producers lose or do not understand the asset usage context.
27 As individuals, how do we weigh our obligations to family against our obligations to community and to our country?
28 In fact, they do contribute code to the community, which is as it should be.
29 If everyone in an online community were to submit a URL pointing at an FOAF file, you could then spider them into a reasonable community directory.
30 At Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business in the us, students are taught the honour code from the first day they arrive on campus, when they must also participate in some form of community service.