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1 The Ana Mandara resort, for one, built around a series of French colonial villas saved from the Communists' progress-is-all wrecking ball.
2 by no means had complete control over the areas still Unconquered by the Communists.
3 His father, Michael, wanted to be an astronomer, but Russia’s Communists barred Jews from the physics and astronomy departments at universities.
4 The first government not closely linked to the former Communists came to power in 1996 and passed a law requiring that the secret police archives be opened.
5 But that is changing with the advent of new governments that have displaced those more closely associated with the old Communists, and with pressure from the European Union.
6 And yet, during my stay, communications within the Communists' inland empire were better than they had been at any time for the last nine years.
7 owe all our achievements over the past 90 years to the tenacious struggles waged by Chinese Communists and the people of several generations.
8 I want you to hold elections where the only party on the ballot is not the communists party.
9 students at universities is an important part of work of higher education institutions as well as the construction of Chinese Communists Party.
10 communists', is not fit to wear that uniform, general.
11 will be shot by the communists if they miss a step on stage.
12 In the olden days before the communists took over, the way for a man to show his prestige and wealth was to take a mistress.
13 So while you Chinese communists may act as if you are achieving something of great value, remember it was the US that propped you up and enabled a safe and proven launch system.
14 Mao had always been stressing the point that the Chinese communists should make great efforts in studying the works of Ma…
15 But when the actual situation became clear, Japan was forced to adopt an attitude of "watching and waiting. " Nevertheless, Japan persisted in intervening to try to "dissolve the Communists.
16 In Glasgow, Scotland, we watched the Communists march around St. George's Square carrying their banners with the words, "Our motto is PEACE! ""
17 labor and harsh working conditions used to be the stuff of propaganda movies used by the Chinese communists to discredit capitalist societies.
18 Anarcho-communists, who drew inspiration from the 1871 Paris Commune, advocated for free federation and for the distribution of goods according to one's needs.
19 The Soviet Union provided some limited assistance at the beginning of the war, but the result was a bitter fight among communists and anarchists at a series of events named May Days as Joseph Stalin tried to seize control of the Republicans.
20 Gender equality can be a common principle, although it ranks as a higher priority to anarcha-feminists than anarchist communists.
21 Orwell was suspicious of Smollett/Smolka, and he would be one of the names Orwell included in his list of Crypto-Communists and Fellow-Travellers sent to the Information Research Department in 1949.
22 Among the elected officials were a large mix of former mujahideen, Islamic fundamentalists, warlords, tribal nationalists, former communists, reformists, urban professionals, royalists and several former Taliban associates.
23 During the last years of the war, the country fell into a civil war-like state between the communists and nationalists.
24 The communists defeated the last anti-communist forces in the south in 1944.
25 Before the end of November, the main German troops had withdrawn from Tirana, and the communists took control by attacking it. The partisans entirely liberated the country from German occupation on 29 November 1944.
26 A provisional government, which the communists had formed at Berat in October, administered Albania with Enver Hoxha as the head of government.
27 Following the popular support in the first multi-party elections of 1991, the communists retained a stronghold in the parliament until the victory in the general elections of 1992 led by the Democratic Party.
28 by the Communists of ruling Capitalism.
29 Right Sector's leader for West Ukraine, Oleksandr Muzychko, has talked about fighting "communists, Jews and Russians for as long as blood flows in my veins."
30 The secret services feared that communists would entrap prominent homosexuals and use them to gather intelligence.