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No. sentence
1 Patents date back to Venice in the 15th century, but Communist China did not allow them until 1985.
2 Indeed, the system of local elections may be seen as a strategic retreat by the Communist Party, the better to defend its monopoly of power at the national level.
3 Yet the economy is now straining, and often failing, to keep up with the ambitious growth targets set by Vietnam's Communist bosses.
4 Within weeks the East German, Czech, Bulgarian, and Romanian Communist leaders were all deposed.
5 He defected in 1953 from communist Yugoslavia, where he played for the Red Star Belgrade team.
6 Fidel Castro stepped down as Cuba’s president, handing over the job to his younger brother, Raúl, whose plans to reform the island’s communist economy were slowed by two devastating hurricanes.
7 One line of speculation is that top Communist Party officials will use Fidel's sick leave to encourage a transition they have long thought necessary.
8 After the communist takeover, Moganshan retreated into obscurity, with many of the mansions crumbling into ruin.
9 His father was an officer in the South Vietnamese army who spent seven years in a communist prison before moving to the US.
10 Now, for good or for ill, even the Communist party wants in.
11 But in the freedom generation who benefited from the fall of the Communist empire you see a very distinct breed of American idealism a hope for the future and the drive to get there.
12 the economy is now straining, and often failing, to keep up with the ambitious growth targets set by Vietnam's Communist bosses.
13 She declined the offer of Communist marriage counselling and shortly after she, like an earlier wife, was granted a divorce. She married again, a television engineer, and they had a son.
14 China's modern car market grew slowly at first, as demand for relatively expensive cars was limited largely to government and Communist Party officials.
15 Asked to name the things he most regretted, he replied without hesitation: "The fact that I went on too long in trying to reform the Communist party.
16 Uncle Jin had been arrested as an underground Communist and jailed in the Refuse Pit prison, in the same cell with Luo Guangbing (Red Crag's author).
17 Seven officials, including the local Communist Party Secretary, were thrown in jail, and six were reprimanded for the cover-up.
18 of the New York Philharmonic brought the North Korean audience to their feet from the first few notes, when they played the communist state's anthem.
19 Li Kun has been replaced as President by Fan Cheng, the airline's Communist party secretary.
20 After all, the People's Daily, the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party, complained just a week before my episode was to air that dating shows were "vulgar."
21 It is very important that our country traditional supervise system for the Communist Party of China ruling safe, but it has unmasked a lot of shortcomings.
22 comforting to see Parisian workers talking to German soldiers as friends”, a French communist publication gloated in July 1940.
23 in former communist Eastern Europe, where abortion is generally legal, safe and cheap.
24 Then there had been the Communist Party official from Suzhou who had barged through the gate and demanded a cure for his brother's diabetes.
25 For nearly a decade, China has been enthralled by the cult of Yao spun by Communist Party propagandists and corporate sponsors: the winner, the gentle giant, the favorite son.
26 Marx, who admired Malthus, was equally astonished by the emergence of the middle class. As he wrote in the “Communist Manifesto”
27 She started tilling the fields at the age of 18 and quickly rose through the ranks of farmers, becoming the Communist Party secretary of her 2,000-member production brigade.
28 Hurled at class enemies for decades after the 1949 Communist revolution, the phrase drips moral and political censure. It's a part of the deep psychological and linguistic fabric of the nation.
29 However, after the victory of Chinese communist revolution at 1949, the great changes of the image of Sanmao has taken place.
30 Zhi, secretary of the Urumqi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, was removed from his post Saturday, according to Xinhua.